How to avoid disabling or turning off my cell phone? Trick on Tik Tok explains it

Lose the cell phone It is one of the most horrible sensations that we can experience, mainly because of all the information we have in it. For this reason we want to share with you a trick which has become popular in Tik Tok.

This trick shared by the tiktoker @eliannyanez teaches us how prevent your internet data from being turned off or prevent them from turning off your smartphone completely so you can track it as quickly as possible.

Protect your information in case of theft or loss

Protect your information in case of theft or loss.

The smartphone has become a fundamental instrument to carry out practically all our daily activities, facilitating many processes thanks to its access to the Internet and apps that help us to check our mail or social networks.

However, it is precisely this that has made it a double-edged sword since, by containing so much private information, a criminal can access it if he gets to take away our cell phone.

Given that citizen insecurity and computer knowledge of bad elements increase with the passing of the days, it is vital that we have ways to protect our equipment and, above all, the data it contains.

Trick to avoid turning off your Android cell phone

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ of Android.
  2. Then, find and enter the ‘Lock screen’ section.
  3. A new window will open.
  4. Click on ‘Secure Lock Setting’.
  5. They will ask you to enter your PIN or pattern to continue.
  6. Activate the options ‘Block with side key’ and ‘Block network and security’.

Very important, for the trick to work, the cell phone must have Android version 11.0 onwards. The computer must also have enough battery power and the location activated for you to find it.

Another fact that must be mentioned is that not all phones have this option enabled. We hope that with this simple trick you can recover your cell phone.

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