How to calculate discounts quickly during sales times

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The sales season is approaching: that special season in which we can buy certain items at an affordable price or with a discount that helps the pockets of all families.

To get the best discounts, it is important to analyze what is being offered and calculate how much we will pay; thus, we can make quick and accurate choices based on a price comparison.

Calculate discounts with calculator

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The first option will be to calculate the discounts with a calculator; In general, smartphones have this feature, which makes it easier to calculate immediately.

It is also very important to verify that the final prices coincide with the prices published in the store; Thus, it will be easier to verify that all the products purchased correspond in price to what was initially agreed upon.

Method 1

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Next, we present 3 simple steps to obtain the final amount that you have to pay when accessing a discount. With a calculator it is much simpler and will save you valuable minutes before going to the checkout or confirming the transaction.

With this method and a calculator, you will see that you will have no problem making an exact calculation of the final prices on certain products in record time. Don’t you believe us? Try it!

Step 1: Divide the discount percentage by 100

Step 2: Multiply the decimal obtained by the original price

Step 3: Subtract the discount amount from the original price

Another option: The rule of 3

A simple rule of three will be another effective method to calculate the final discount for a product. For some people, this is the fastest and most effective way to perform a mathematical calculation.

First, the rule of three requires, as its name implies, three variables: in this case, one of them will be the percentage; the other, the total price of the product; the third, the number 100. The unknown to be solved will be represented by an X. Thus,

100 —— 30

360 —— X

X = (30 x 360) / 100

X = 108

Method 2

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In addition to the rule of three, there are other ways to find the total amount that will be subtracted after knowing the discount percentage of a product or service, taking into account the same variables as in the previous case.

First, you will need to subtract the discount percentage from the total percentage and then convert the remaining percentage to decimal numbers; finally, the original price must be multiplied by the remaining percentage. Try it!

Step 1: Subtract the discount percentage from the total percentage

Step 2: Convert the remaining percent to decimal

Step 3: Multiply the original price by the remaining percentage

Calculate discounts mentally

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What if you don’t have a calculator right when you need it? Do not worry! Mental calculations can be challenging for some people, while for others they are much easier to perform.

Whatever your case, here we present you a useful method to perform mental mathematical calculations and find the exact amount to pay after knowing the discount percentage.

Method 3

This method has a large number of steps, but don’t let that put you off: not only will you be performing exercises that will activate your math skills, but you will be making sure to correctly calculate an amount.

First, you must round the original price to the nearest ten, and then calculate 10% of the rounded price. With a series of simple steps that we present below, the calculation will be easier for you.

Step 1: Round the original price to the nearest ten

Step 2: Calculate 10% of the rounded price

Step 3: Determine the number of tens in the discount percentage

Step 4: Multiply 10% of the price rounded by the number of tens

Step 5: Calculate 5% of the rounded price, if necessary

Step 6: Subtract the discount from the rounded price

Calculate discounts in Excel

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An Excel table is capable of changing people’s financial lives thanks to its useful tools and the practicality it offers, so you may want to start breaking down all your expenses in an Excel file.

Next, we present some advantages that this tool offers, as well as certain formulas that will facilitate the immediate calculation of all the percentages that you want to know.

Method 4

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The last method is one of the most used, and consists of putting Excel tools into practice through specific formulas that do all the work for you.

How to do it? It is very simple! First, you will have to open a new Excel sheet, where you will deposit the data of all the amounts and percentages that you want to calculate. Later, you will proceed to select formulas such as:

Formula to calculate discount

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This requires some patience and precision, but the results are largely reliable; First, you must know what the discount you want to calculate will be, enter it in cell B1 and, in cell B4, enter the current price.

The formula that would be added to the document would be = ((B1 * B4) / 100), and the final result will correspond to discount that we take away. As you can see, it is a simple step to calculate a discount.

Formula to calculate final price

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In case you want to calculate the final price of a discounted product, it is possible to separate the necessary information into rows: the price is placed in cell A2 and the discount percentage is transcribed in cell B2.

In the third box, the formula that will be used to calculate the final price will be placed, which is: Price * Percentage off (A2 * B2), thus obtaining the total discount and the final price

Complete formula

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The simplest formula to calculate the discount percentage using Excel will be discount value = (discount percentage * Total value) / 100; Another useful formula is ((20 * 4000) / 100).

A complete formula to perform this operation is found in placing the following value in an Excel sheet: final value (with discount applied) = total value – ((discount percentage * Total value) / 100).

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