How to check gas stations and their prices on Google Maps

In addition to showing the way, Google Maps allows you to check nearby gas stations and their prices.

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Even if the We use very often it is very likely that some applications that we have downloaded on our devices have functions that we are not aware of. Such is the case of Google Maps, the quintessential location application that, beyond the well-known indications on the route to a certain place, can also offer us some tricks that contribute to saving fuel and, therefore, money.

Among these tricks is the option to locate nearby gas stations and, in addition to giving details about each one of them, it allows showing fuel prices to choose the most convenient option.

How to use Google Maps to check the price at nearby gas stations?

With Google Maps you can locate any place and establish a safe route to get there in the shortest possible time., but you can also get information of interest. In the specific case of gas stations, in addition to all the information about the services they offer, the price they handle at that time can be known, allowing the user to compare their options and choose the most convenient to guarantee savings in all senses.

The steps to follow to locate gas stations and their respective prices through Google Maps are as follows:

1. The first step is enter the application. If we don’t have it, then it will be necessary to download it through the App Store or Google Play, depending on the operating system that our phone or device uses.

2. Enter the application. In the search bar, write the keyword, which in this case will be “gas stations”. We can also do this search using the name of a specific gas station. This will mark all the available options on the map with the corresponding symbol, a symbol very similar to the one that identifies the fuel level on the dashboard of the car. Instead of using a keyword or the name of a specific gas station, we can also use the names of the different brands of gasoline available on the market.

Screenshot of a search for nearby gas stations on Google Maps.
Screenshot of a search for nearby gas stations on Google Maps.

3. Once the search results appear, the criteria located below the search bar can be used to filter all the options found: order them by distance or relevance, by those that are operational at that time, etc.

4. Then, it only remains to click on each option so that all the information related to each of them is displayed. In each corresponding file, in addition to directions on how to get there, telephone number, photographs, comments from recurring customers and other information, you will also find the price of gasoline in that place.

These same steps can be followed to consult other places of interest such as hotels and restaurants, which also contribute to savings —especially on a long trip— the closer and cheaper they are.. It is also important to consult the comments that users have made about such places in order to make the best decision and avoid surprises.

Whatever the case, Using Google Maps to have information on gas stations or other places can be really useful due to the accuracy of the data provided by the applicationwhich tend to be constantly updated.

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