How to convert a TikTok to MP3

Tik Tok audios can be downloaded in MP3 format through certain steps.

Photo: Natalie Voy/Pixabay

According to, there is a method to download TikTok videos that also serves to download the songs that accompany them in MP3 format, a type of file that can be easily stored on any device to be played whenever desired. The method is really simple and it is recommended to use the resulting audio on Android devices. The steps to follow are those:

1. Open a web browser on any PC or laptop to be able to open the TikTok page.

2. Access the TikTok profile and search for the video that we want to convert to MP3.

Screenshot of a TikTok video viewed from the browser.
Screenshot of a TikTok video viewed from the browser.

3. In another tab, go to the address bar and copy the link:

4. Select the option where you want to download the TikTok (in this case MP3).

5. A new tab will open from which the resulting audio can be downloaded.

To download the full video, the procedure is similar. The only difference is that the MP4 option must be selected to also display the images that accompany the audio.. In addition to completing them on a PC or laptop, the steps can be carried out directly on a smartphone, as long as it has the necessary memory to support the resulting file.

This procedure, in addition to being quick and simple, can be done as many times as desired without any restrictions regarding the number of converted files. It is particularly recommended for those users who live on TikTok and want to build a repertoire with all the songs they listen to on their daily visit to the social network, either to enjoy them or to use them in their own future publications, especially if they are used to creating content using this platform.

When files are downloaded to a smartphone, they usually appear in the device’s standard player, but not through other platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music that are installed on it, as assured by When the video is not available in MP3, it is very likely that it will be downloaded in another format, even though we have marked the indicated one.

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