How to find happiness through your home

How to find happiness through your home

I am sure that when reading this title, there are many who automatically imagine the house of their dreams to “be happy.” Perhaps some are thinking of a larger home or a beautiful modern white kitchen, while others are thinking of having a refreshing pool, a large garage or a nice view.
And it is that we have all dreamed of a better house, but the happiness, peace and tranquility that you feel in a home does not come with more square feet or luxuries, it is achieved with something so simple and difficult at the same time, like keeping everything organized . Keeping order at home is a way of generating mental order.

Have you noticed how the condition of your house influences your mood? If you want to feel that happiness that characterizes an orderly place every day, I invite you to start with small changes.

  • We have heard thousands of times that we give away, sell or donate those shoes or that piece of clothing that we have not worn in a year, but that rule also applies to all areas of the house. Think of the pile of plates, containers and cups piling up in your kitchen. If we always use the same ones, why have so many? When you buy something, get rid of another; If you buy pajamas, take out an old lady.
  • Instead of passing it over and over again, put what is out of place in its place and you won’t spend hours looking for lost things. Spend 5 to 15 minutes on a household chore every day so you don’t have to get overwhelmed cleaning and organizing on the weekend. For example, dust the room while you watch the news or fold your clothes while chatting on your cell phone.
  • And if you feel so tired that you don’t know where to start, set your cell phone alarm to go off in 5 minutes. In that time you are only going to pick up mess, organize the pantry, the makeup area or the drawers. The next day continue what you started to order. Small changes create good habits.

Look at your house and reflect… Tell me how orderly your house is and I will tell you how happy you are.

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