How to improve your pasta sauce with a single ingredient

Canned pasta sauce can be made better by adding one of several kitchen staples.

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Store-bought pasta sauce can save you time when you need to make a quick meal. Canned sauces can improve their flavor and consistency by adding a few key ingredients, you probably already have one of them in your kitchen, It is the red pepper.

Some canned pasta sauces already use red pepper in their recipes, but in very little quantity, adding a little more of the mildly hot spice can make a world of difference.

Flaked or ground red pepper improves not only the texture and flavor, but also the appearance. In white sauces it is a good contrast, while in tomato sauces the pasta can look artisanal.

As with many spices, overuse can ruin a dish. When adding the bell pepper to the pasta sauce, do so a little at a time.

Other ingredients that improve your pasta

The Pioneer Woman has the extra virgin olive oil, red wine and fresh garlic as well as other ingredients that will make your canned pasta sauce that much better.

Olive oil can be added to the pot from the beginning or drizzled on when serving as a finishing oil.

Fresh garlic will give it a more powerful and homemade flavor. While red wine adds a layer of flavors. You don’t need to add a lot of wine, just a couple of tablespoons is enough.

To enhance the sauce you can also add dried or fresh herbs such as: oregano, basil, thyme, tarragon and parsley.

heat the sauce

Epicurious advises never pouring jarred or canned sauce directly onto pasta. suggest heat the sauce in a separate pot, this will help the sugars caramelize and release the aromas.

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