How to install the Beta version of Android 13

To get the beta version of Android 13 you need to enroll in a special Google program

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The beta version of Android 13 is now available for download worldwide. The latest iteration of Google’s operating system comes with a host of new features that it hopes will win over the public.

Since this is a version that is still under development, It is necessary to follow certain steps to be able to download it.. If you want to install Android 13 beta you should keep in mind that you might experience some unexpected bugs or crashes because it is not fully debugged code.

This is precisely the objective of this kind of versions, to identify potential errors so that the stable version works smoothly and without any unexpected problems.

Here we explain how you can download Android 13 on your phone:

1. Eligible devices

The first step to download Android 13 is make sure that the computer where you want to install the new operating system is compatible. To do this you need to access the Android Beta registration page to check it out.

Once on the page, the user will be able to see a text box that offers information about the Android beta program. Right now You must click on the tab located at the top of the screen identified as “devices”.

This will take you to a section where you will be told if any of the computers on which you keep your Google session active are compatible. If not, the following message will be displayed.

“There are no eligible devices associated with this Google account.”

2. Participate

If the system indicates that you have a device suitable for testing Android 13, you only have to press the “participate” button and it will automatically link to the beta user program.

Then you will have to accept some user conditions that Google requires from its beta users. Once you finish all this process, within 24 hours you should receive a notification that you can update your terminaljust as if it were a routine update.

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