How to know if your cell phone has been hacked and what you can do to avoid it

Does your phone battery last very little? Do you consume your data in a few days?

Do not panic. Maybe it’s time to change terminals or adjust your data plan.

But beware, these symptoms may also indicate that a hacker manipulates you mobile.

A security breach on your phone can compromise your identity, privacy, and resources without you knowing.

And it is that the methods of hackers are becoming more effective and undetectable.

Luckily for everyone, there is signs to suspect if they have hacked our phone and some tips to avoid it.

How do you know if your phone has been hacked?

As we told you at the beginning, if your phone consumes browsing data too fast, this could be a red flag.

“It is true that there are many reasons for high data consumption (for example, use some application more). But if you use the phone in the same way and your data consumption has skyrocketed, it is time to investigate ”, recommends Norton, an American computer security company.

Norton also asks to be attentive to battery consumption. If your phone habits haven’t changed and the charge takes less than normal, your phone may have been hacked.

Person holding a phone without battery.
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Kaspersky, another leading computer security company, gives another possible sign of hacking.

“A hacked phone may be giving all its processing power to the hacker’s suspicious applications. This can cause your phone to slow down. Other signs can be freezes or unexpected reboots, ”notes Kaspersky.

Both Kaspersky and Norton agree to also closely monitor any unexpected activity on your phone.

These can be sudden apps that you don’t remember installing or calls or messages you haven’t made.

Kaspersky advises checking your email and social media accounts. It can be a sign of danger if you are asked to change your password or unusual access locations appear.

“When a hacker breaks into your phone, will try to steal access to your most valuable accounts“Says the company, founded in Russia.

Person with phone entering username and password.
Apart from the danger of hacking, it is advisable not to have the passwords written down on your phone. It is vital to keep your most valuable accounts well protected. (Photo: Getty Images)

How to avoid a security breach on your phone?

Your terminal can be hacked in various ways.

You must be careful when downloading applications, as some of them may contain viruses. The ideal is to choose applications from the Google or Apple stores, for example.

“If you receive an email or text from a person you don’t know, avoid clicking on any link or downloading an attachment. These can also include malware, ”Norton points out.

“It is very easy for hackers to connect to your phone using wifi or bluetooth, so disable them if you don’t need it because the attack can come without warning“, Advises on the other hand the security company McAfee.

“If you get hacked in a public space, if you turn off the phone you can stop the hacker. This is an effective prevention method ”, he adds.

Person checking his phone in the middle of several people walking.
Public Wi-Fi networks can be the scene of potential hacker attacks. (Photo: Getty Images)

As recommended, Kaspersky also advises keeping your phone with you all the time and not losing sight of it, not saving passwords on your device and keeping all your applications up to date.

How to act if your phone has already been hacked?

If, despite following the advice, a hacker has managed to manipulate your phone, it is important to be clear about the steps to get rid of the attacker.

First, Norton recommends notify your contacts that your phone was hacked. This way they can avoid clicking on any suspicious link they receive from you.

Next, you must uninstall any suspicious applications.

Person touching the screen of his phone.
Attentive to any application that appears on your phone and you do not remember having installed it. (Photo: Getty Images)

It is also advisable to activate some antimalware software in your terminal that detects and attacks the malicious agent that infects it.

Resetting your phone may be another solution, although this it would also mean deleting your data and files.

Lastly, it is vital that you change all your passwords. It is quite possible that this information was compromised during the attack.

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