how to know which one is going with you

Perfume has always made the world a much more exquisite place. Back in ancient Egypt, scented oils and balms were already used in religious ceremonies, now, thousands of years later, it is a $ 10 billion industry that has transformed how women smell and feel. A good perfume makes you feel sexy, exotic, sophisticated, adventurous, sensual and to become all that, you must start by choosing yours.

Like any woman who has tried to find a perfume brand, choosing one is not an easy matter. Your scent becomes a part of your look, your personality and your style. As Christian Dior once said, “women’s perfume says more about her than her handwriting.” This is why your personal scent is so important, where do you start? Here are 10 tips to help you choose a perfume.

1. Know the notes


In the perfumes sweet and spicy, floral and fruity notes. The four main scent categories are Oriental, Floral, Fresh, and Woody. The first step is to find out which ones are the ones that go with you.

2. A perfume reflects your personality

You choose your clothes based on what suits your personality, right? Well the same applies to your perfume. You need to find a perfume that suits your unique character, not the one that smells great on your best friend or coworker. Is it sporty? Seductive? Earthy? Sophisticated?

3. Try a sample of perfume

A bottle of perfume

Don’t be shy and dare to ask for a sample of the perfume. The mantra of try before you buy applies to finding your signature scent. And we’re not talking about spraying yourself a little and sniffing it right away – it’s important to see if the smell lasts and how your body chemistry affects the fragrance over time.

4. One perfume at a time

Don’t try more than one perfume at a time. If you mix and match perfumes and then smell them, they won’t represent the actual fragrance you want to buy, so try one perfume a day, allow yourself some time to get used to that smell, and then after a shower you can try something new.

5. Only one?

A bottle of perfume being sprayed on a hand

You can choose an all-purpose perfume that suits you perfectly and becomes your signature scent, or you can play with two or three that reflect different moods or one for the day and one for the night.

6. Classics

Yes, every year there are new trendy scents to choose from, but don’t forget to the classicss. They have stood the test of time for a reason. As Marilyn Monroe said, “I only wear Chanel No. 5 to bed.” If it’s your signature scent or one of your many options, try to have at least one classic fragrance in your arsenal.

7. Appropriate age


We are not suggesting that you wear a perfume her grandmother wore, but maybe One Direction’s You & I It is not the right thing for you.

8. Perfume that goes with your lifestyle

A fragrance can make you feel energetic, calm, wild, or sexy. Think about your daily life, what you do with your time. Your signature scent should reflect your mood and your life. A fresh citrus scent tones you up, for instance.

9. Complement your beauty products


What happens when you brush your teeth and then take a sip of delicious red wine? Wine tastes like garbage, right? That’s because not all the flavors mix well. Similarly, not all scents go well together, so when choose a perfume You have to think about the other scented products you use on a daily basis (shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizer, etc.). Make sure all the scents you use complement each other.

10. Consult an expert

The people at the fragrance counter are there for a reason. Let them help you! Ask questions, ask for advice, ask for samples. Don’t be intimidated when it comes to seeking guidance in your search for the perfect fragrance.

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