How to know who can see my profile picture on WhatsApp

When we create an account on WhatsApp, in addition to our personal data, we normally use a photograph that identifies us among our contacts. This photo, like the rest of our information, has display settings that we can change at any time to control who can see it.

How to know who can view our profile picture on WhatsApp?

There is a method that allows us to know who can see our whatsapp profile picture and, through that same method, we can modify its display settings to restrict it as we wish. The steps to follow are those:

1. Go to the home screen of the phone and open whatsapp to enter settings of the account from the button located in the lower right corner.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp home screen.

2. When the profile configuration options are displayed, select the “Account” option to be able to modify everything related to personal information.

Screenshot of WhatsApp settings options
Screenshot of the WhatsApp configuration options.

3. Clicking on “Account” shows other configuration options related to the permissions of the information shown to users of this app. Click “Privacy”.

Screenshot of WhatsApp settings options
Screenshot of WhatsApp settings options

4. The “Privacy” option will show everything related to the configuration of the information shown in the profile: last time (connection), information, groups and statuses, in addition to the “profile photo” option. Click on the latter to see its settings.

Screenshot of WhatsApp privacy options
Screenshot of WhatsApp privacy options.

5. The profile picture display settings only have three options: Everyone, My Contacts, and No One. We will notice the verification sign on the one that is activated and we can, at the same time, change said configuration by clicking on the one of our preference.

Screenshot of WhatsApp privacy options
Screenshot of WhatsApp privacy options

These same three options are available to change the configuration of our last connection and the information of our profile. and they are expanded in the case of statuses with more specific options that allow you to restrict viewing to certain contacts. The option related to groups, however, grants permission for WhatsApp users to add us to chats with more than two members.

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