How to make more than $170 thousand dollars a year doing freelance work

During 2021 Grace Torres earned $177,000 dollars by covering 46 weddings as a photographer.

Photo: ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images

Billing more than $170,000 dollars a year doing freelance work without dying trying is possible. To show the case of the young photographer Grace Torres, whose exciting project has become her gold mine.

It all started when he fell in love with photography at the age of 12 after buying a camera. From then on nothing was the same. She spent the next few years documenting scenery from her travels and various New Jersey sweet 16s while simultaneously working at a Chick-Fil-A store to pay for a better quality camera.

On his way through college he won several clients from the hand of cash. Doubting if this hobby could pay her college bills, she decided to invest more money to get better equipment, and start her own business more formally.

Initially, he spent $45,000 to start his business, which in 2021 brought him an income of $177,000.according to CNBC.

“I always worked multiple jobs through college, so being able to have one job that is my own environment, my own hours, make my own hours has been a huge blessing for me. I wake up every morning so excited to work with the clients I work with and do what I love.,” he told the media.

The 23-year-old says that initially his plan was to pursue science after college; however, her love for photography and the financial results that she has obtained from it have led her to follow her greatest dream which is to dedicate herself to photography.

Last year was a strong earnings period for her. Given the health restrictions by Covid and the recovery of the strongest moment of the pandemic He came to photograph 46 weddings in a year, 10 of which were in a month.

Given the growing pace of work, Torres has delegated some of his responsibilities. She has hired help from legal services to get guidance with contracts and has enlisted the services of an accountant who helps her file her taxes. She also receives support from staff who help her edit the photos.

To cope with burnout, Torres has scheduled fewer events, even if it means sacrificing more revenue. His goal for this year is to cover 34 weddings and 27 the next.

Covering events such as weddings can be a very profitable business. The director and co-founder of the Joy wedding software company, Vishal Joshi, said that 2022 will be the most important year in the wedding industry due to the celebrations postponed due to the pandemic plus those that will be added due to the current period of certainty. to hold massive events.

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