How to play slot machines

If the RTP (return to player) is down by up to 100%, which makes betting sites in Mexico more likely to win. Which means that you have to be very lucky to get it right, which is why higher volatility is usually what helps the participant.

In games where there is low volatility, the results as time goes by are closer to the expected one, which is below 100%. But, in high volatility games, although you don’t always win in the long run, there are higher chances of getting a positive result and making money due to this factor.

From a different point of view, it is possible to generate money through smaller bets. By making smaller bets with higher volatility, the probability of losing in the long run decreases and the chances of winning are preserved. For this reason, many of the game strategies must be based on increasing volatility, while maintaining the RTP of the game.

Avoid bets that reduce the RTP considerably

Most slots have the same RTP for any type of bet. But, in some games that derive from them, they add an extra disadvantage depending on the type of bet. In this case, it is necessary to choose a mode that does not increase the disadvantages, so two examples are shown:

  • When betting on lines, the prize is usually a fixed value that doubles the bet on a line that has a smaller value that is equally fixed. It is very evident that by adding more lines there are more disadvantages and the RTP starts to decrease. So it is always better to choose the higher bet to combat these disadvantages.

  • Full bets unlock some bonus slots features that double the reward with three wilds. Possibly, games that do not have this feature do not have a very attractive RTP. But, for such a case, it is best to play another slot or take the full bet that has the highest RTP.

Use the double bet feature to normalize volatility

The double bet feature provides an opportunity to double the prize in a 50% chance. In certain games, this can be repeated several times. It is a feature that greatly affects the volatility of the game and which, from a different point of view, is similar to exchanging small prizes for larger ones but less frequently.

As long as the goal is to win big, the double bet feature is ideal for the player. It’s predictable and easy to apply, and many experienced players use it to increase their RTP.

Decrease paylines to increase volatility

The lower the paylines, the higher the game’s volatility. This means that when placing a bet on a single line, the average payout is much higher than betting less on 10 lines. When wagering simultaneously, the paytable prizes are 10 times smaller. Normally, in slot machines, the winning mix only appears on one of the 10 lines, so the average number of wins and their reward is also lower.

It must be considered that this type of strategy cannot be used in those who make high bets, since the maximum bet has a limit per line. But, there are times when there are no such obstacles.

Now, the simplest answer to knowing how to play slots is to risk big for big wins. Although, to win with greater probability, it is necessary to increase the volatility of the implemented strategy.

Although it sounds weird, the easiest way to win is to lose as soon as possible. Although it may not seem to make sense, statistically in the long run you lose more money as you bet. This is how the RTP works, to lose less in the long term you have to minimize the total amount of bets made. Therefore, by betting more in fewer game rounds, the amount of winning prizes of greater magnitude also increases.