How to put the Vocho address box?

The vocho steering box, also known as a steering rack, has the function of being able to turn the axes of the front wheels, this so that the vocho can change direction. Requires intermediate knowledge in suspension to be placed.

To remove the steering box do the following:

  1. Remove the ground connection from the accumulator.
  2. Pressing upwards, remove the horn button, using a thin-blade screwdriver.
  3. Disconnect the ground wire that goes to the speaker ring lever.
  4. Remove the steering wheel nut and remove the lock washer.
  5. Using a suitable puller, remove the steering wheel and horn ring lever.

When installing the steering wheel, adjust the clearance between the turn signal switch and the underside of the steering wheel hub.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of the vocho engine and the parts that make it work and move forward, then AmericanPost.News dedicates this section to sharing everything related to the steering box.

How to repair a Vocho steering box?

The box turns the wheels by multiplying the force you exert through the steering wheel, since inside a box there is an arrangement of gears that by making more turns reduce the force necessary to turn the tires, this movement is sent to the wheels by middle of the steering rods.

To repair this part of the vocho, it is suggested to consult the steering manual of the vocho at the following link.

What oil does the Vocho steering box use?

Beetle steering box Vocho gearbox

After purchasing the steering box, you should know that the oil you need to carry is Fluid for manual transmissions GL-5 Quaker State (or brand of your choice) 85W-140.

How many liters of oil does the gearbox of a Vocho take?

vocho gearbox

The classic vocho gearbox needs 3 liters of oil for the standard transmission with viscosity #90. Remember that the Vocho steering box and each of its parts needs constant maintenance for its proper handling.

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