How to reduce browser RAM consumption

RAM memory consumption can skyrocket depending on the number of tabs that are open in the browser

Photo: Glenn Carstens Peters/Unsplash

Reducing the RAM memory consumption of the programs that are running on the computer to improve its performance can be a headache for many people. What most people don’t know is that one of the largest sources of RAM consumption originate from the web browser.

This essential piece when consuming content on the Internet is generally one of the ones that requires the greatest consumption of computer resources, which can lead to the computer slowing down.

Here’s what you can do to prevent your browser from consuming too much RAM:

1. Eyelashes

Having an excessive number of open tabs while browsing the Internet is one of the main reasons that memory consumption skyrockets.

Open tabs, despite not being used, continue to consume resources of the computer that could be used for other functions.

For this reason, it is advisable to close the tabs or windows that are not being used and, if necessary, open them again.

2. Keep the browser updated

Keeping programs up to date provides many benefits, which go beyond security issues. Often new versions include optimizations that help the program make more efficient use of resources of the computer and therefore improve its performance and lighten the load of RAM memory.

3. Use the task manager

The task manager included in web browsers can help identify which tabs are consuming the most resources. This allows the user to act accordingly by closing them or not, depending on the case, to improve the performance of their computer.

4. Web extensions

Extensions that can be installed in browsers are also another source of resource consumptions when the user is browsing the Internet. It is recommended that the number of these mini-programs be kept to a minimum to prevent their operation from interfering with the experience of using the computer.

Another option may be to resort to web extensions such as Auto Tab Discard and One Tab Options to manage the consumption of Ram memory and as far as possible control the consumption of resources used by the browser.

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