How to secretly see the status of a WhatsApp contact

WhatsApp statuses remain available up to 24 hours after being published

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Being able to remain anonymous while viewing other people’s statuses and stories is something many people wish they could do.. In the case of WhatsApp states, this is possible thanks to a trick that allows you to hide it.

This type of publication, like on Instagram, they remain visible for a period of 24 hours after being published by a user. During this time, any of the contacts that you keep registered on your phone will be able to view the statuses, and if they wish, they can reply through a private message.

There may be times when you want to see the posts of one of your contacts without them knowing, and for this you can use one of the following tricks:

1.Blue check

One of the best known features of WhatsApp is the blue check that informs when a message has been read. What few people know is that if the blue check is deactivated, WhatsApp will stop showing when a user accesses the status of one of their contacts.

In this way the person can see all the states they want without being discovered. To deactivate the blue check it is only necessary enter the WhatsApp settings menu and select the account and privacy options. After doing this, it only remains to deactivate the double blue check.

2. No Internet

Another alternative is to enter the states in secret by disconnecting the cell phone data before entering the corresponding tab.. This means that the system does not compute the visualization and therefore it is not taken into account.

3.WhatsApp Web

From the web version of WhatsApp it is also possible to see the statuses without the person realizing it. In this case all you have to do is use the web browser in incognito modein such a way that the access to the states is not saved.

4. File Explorer

A slightly more complex option to view posts is using a file explorer which will allow the user to access the folder in which these images or videos are stored.

This makes it possible access the content without the need to use the application in such a way that no type of record will be left.

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