How to set up your Apple account to protect your privacy

Apple allows users to set their personal accounts to be completely private


Protecting privacy is a task that can be extremely difficult when setting up a cell phone. This can be quite a challenge considering that companies want to obtain as much information as possible about their customers, either to be able to offer them personalized services, or to be able to sell that data to third parties.

In the case of Apple and iOS, there are mechanisms that allow this information to be protected in such a way that the personal data of users is not available to third parties.

Here’s how you can set up your Apple account to protect your privacy:

1. 2-step verification

Apple offers the possibility of enable 2-step verification when signing in to your Apple ID account. In this way, when you go to enter, in addition to having to indicate your personal password, you must also write a security code that will be provided by the platform through your phone via SMS or a call.

In order to activate this function It is necessary to access the web portal of AppleID and go to the “Login and security” option. At this point you will see a series of options on the screen, among which you must select “Account Security”.

Here I know will show all the devices associated with your Apple ID and you can define a phone number to receive the authentication code when accessing the platform.

2. Strong passwords

Another element to consider In order to guarantee the privacy of the information contained in your Apple account as much as possible, it is necessary to have a password that is sufficiently secure. so that hackers cannot discover it.

For this it is recommended to use a key that includes different types of characters and symbols, so that it is difficult to find out.

For this random key creation programs can be used which are capable of creating passwords with a high level of security in a matter of a few seconds.

3. Information synchronization

Like other platforms, Apple offers the possibility of synchronizing the user’s devices in such a way that the information made on each of them is shared to make life easier for users.

To know what data is being synchronized you must access your Apple ID and verify in the section called “iCloud”, there you will be able to know which applications share your information and if you wish you can deactivate it.

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