How to speed up your old Android phone

Having an old smartphone does not necessarily have to be associated with owning a slow computer and cannot operate normally. Although this is a problem that many people around the world experience, there are solutions that can improve the situation.

One of the reasons that usually causes this type of situation to happen, beyond the age of the equipment, is the large number of files stored in the phone’s internal memory. The reason is that this has a direct impact on being able to function in the most optimal way possible.

In addition to this, there are also other reasons that can explain why your phone is losing speed over time, something that can be solved in a matter of minutes.

Below we will tell you about somes tricks you can use to get your old Android phone back up to speed:

1. Cache Memory

The first element to consider when trying to improve the performance of a phone is delete all cache content. To do this, it is only necessary to enter the phone’s configuration menu and then access the storage section.

At this point the user must enter one of the applications that are listed and then Click the “Clear Cache” button, this will allow you to remove all unnecessary files associated with that app. It should be noted that andThis process must be repeated with each of the applications that are installed on the phone.

2. Applications

Having too many applications installed on the phone can be another reason that compromises the speed of the phoneFor this reason, the most recommended option is to eliminate them and only keep those that are essential.

To remove them, you only need press and hold the application icon and then select the “Information” option. By doing this you will be redirected to a new window in which all you have to do is hit the uninstall button.

3. Factory restore

If the above steps have not helped and your phone still hasn’t recovered speed, there is always the option to do a deeper clean. For this it is necessary to use the factory reset option which will delete all the content stored on the phone.

Before accessing this function, it is best to make a backup. Once this is done the user must enter the settings menu and then select the “About phone” optionwhen accessing you will see a button identified as “Factory Restore”, which when pressed will guide you through the entire process.

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