How to use Google Maps without internet while traveling

Downloaded maps are stored by default in the phone’s internal memory


Use Google Maps has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to locate an address. Gone are the times when it was necessary to ask a stranger for directions to reach our destination.

However, dependency on apps like this also presents some problems. What happens if we are in a place without an Internet connection? From Google they have the answer to this question.

Its maps application is not only extremely accurate in providing directions, it is also is able to work offline if necessarywhile providing a high quality service.

“If you plan to go to a place where the Internet connection is slow, the mobile data plan is expensive or it is not possible to connect, you can save an area of ​​Google Maps to your phone or tablet so you can use it offline”, states the company.

Here we explain everything you have to do to be able to use Google Maps without an Internet connection:

1. Download the map

In order to effectively use the application in offline mode, it is necessary that the device from which the application is being accessed has the map that we will use downloaded.

To do this, it is necessary to open the app and write the address that we are going to visit in the search engine. Once the location is displayed it is necessary to press the name of the site located at the bottom and select the download option.

It should be noted that by default These types of downloads are stored in the internal memory of the device. However, it is possible to configure the system so that the file is saved to external memory.

2. Use the app

Once the offline map has been successfully downloaded, it should be available anytime the app is started and a stable enough internet connection is not available in order to operate normally.

In these types of cases, the user only has to do is enter the address to which they want to go and then the system should find and use the downloaded map automatically.

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