How was the Kalimba musical with Carlos Rivera in Who is the mask?

Both shared the stage in this reality show (Photo: @kalimbaofficial / IG – @_carlosrivera / IG)

Last Sunday, December 20, the channel The stars transmitted lat the end of the Televisa reality show Who is the mask? and in that last chapter, Three characters faced each other: Apache, Gitana and Hueva. Nevertheless, who was crowned as the winner was Apache, played by the OV7 singer, Kalimba.

It should be noted that during the program, the participants cannot reveal details about it as they keep the character they disguised as a secret, so Kalimba did not speak of his experience in Who is the mask? until this December 24.

“I had understood that It’s not just about dancing and singing well, but it has to enchant and enamor the public, the jury; because when a character is introduced you don’t really know how people are going to react ”, he said to The stars.

He also revealed that took into account the first impressions of your Apache to finish building it, “I began to readjust everything they were saying to know where it was going to lead,” he mentioned.

(Photo: Instagram / @ vivoslamascara)
Kalimba finished building his character according to the first impressions he generated (Photo: Instagram / @ quélamascara)

On the other hand, highlighted how happy he was to share the stage with Carlos Rivera, as he had the opportunity to perform a ballad at his side in the company of the Reik band.

Regarding this collaboration, Kalimba stressed that he loved the song since rehearsals and said he was satisfied with the musical presented in the reality show.

“The first thing is that when I rehearsed the song I fell in love, it is a beautiful song, now that I spoke with Carlos Rivera he told me part of the history of this song and he is also very excited to have participated and written this ballad, I’ve already sung several times with Reik, I’ve always said it, I admire Chuy’s voice a lot, he is a great interpreter, Carlos is also a great interpreter “he explained.

Later he highlighted the skills and talents that his singing partners have, since for him, being a singer is not the same as being a performer. Kalimba mentioned that both Reik’s vocalist and Carlos Rivera have the ability to move their audience.

Kalimba Who is the mask
Kalimba was crowned champion (Photo: Televisa)

Thus, the OV7 member couldn’t have been more pleased with the collaboration. “Sitting with them was a great moment for me, even being in character with singers who can sing,” he explained.

“Being very honest I liked it in my ego, I said ‘what a father it was to get on stage with two colleagues of mine who can sing, sing-sing, that we can get on stage and show off our voices not spectacularly but with feeling And that’s what I mean by singing sing, not only are they intoned, they not only have a beautiful voice, but they have enough quality of power make us feel something to those of us who are public “, mentioned in the video posted on the portal The stars.

On the same topic:

For its part, when the winner of Who is the mask?, Carlos Rivera dedicated a message to Kalimba from his Instagram account:

(Photo: Instagram / @ vivoslamascara)
The singer behind Apache thanked him for his participation with Carlos Rivera (Photo: Instagram / @ quélamascara)

“Apache winner! My dear Kalimbra, what a great luxury to enjoy your talent in Who is the mask?, and even better that I will be able to share with you every night in José el dreamer ”, he added, advancing a project in which they will both work.

This publication aroused emotion in the winner of this edition, who replied in the comment box: “What a joy it is to sing together, dear. And what’s missing. One more time … great song! Graaaan song!”.


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