Hoy presenter returns to Hoy after strong discussion

If we remember a little the television conductors who collaborate in Hoy, Shanik Berman and Maryfer Centeno, starred in a strong discussion for having different points of view regarding their personal relationships as a couple.

Now through the program’s social networks, it was revealed that Maryfer Centeno returned this day with her segment on personality analysis of some famous people, in which he analyzed the signatures of the deceased Carmen Salinas and Vicente Fernández.

On that occasion, the discussion took place during the auditions of ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’, where Maryfer Centeno allegedly asked her husband for permission to compete and dance with someone other than him.

The lawsuit of the presenters of Hoy

That is why Shanik confronted Maryfer and called her “retrograde and submissive”, in addition to saying that the bad example that she was setting for new generations of women gave her a lot of courage, by asking her partner for permission to do something .

Not everything was there, since other conductors such as Galilea Montijo confessed that she agreed with Shanik, saying that it was wrong for Maryfer Centeno to ask her husband for permission to dance with someone else, regardless of the reasons that may have existed.

The famous presenter Maryfer Centeno later expressed that she did not ask her husband for permission to dance with someone else, since it was all about a comment that Maryfer made to her partner in which she asked her opinion and told her to meet who would be your dance partner.

Maryfer Centeno returns to Hoy

The altercation between the television conductors did not go unnoticed, nor did the return of Maryfer Centeno, so Internet users gave their opinion on social networks, where comments were divided.

  • “Don’t invite Maryfer anymore, the chick doesn’t like it, she thinks she knows everything”
  • “With love, respect and communication, each couple establishes the rules in their relationship”
  • “Each couple establishes their rules and their limits! Nobody has to interfere ”

It should be noted that the Hoy Program has been reinventing itself and within these changes is the return of the famous presenter Maryfer Centeno, who has fascinated her fans.

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