Huaycoloro: Lady Guillén and 5 picturesque phrases about the huaico [VIDEOS]

The host of the program Lady Guillen, She was in charge of the live broadcast with the victims of the overflow of the Huaycoloro River for the Latina channel. Her start as a reporter was anecdotal. Nerves played tricks on him Lady Guillen. the driver of ‘I have something to tell you’ asked the most unusual questions to the citizens who are being affected by the overflow of the river Huaycoloro. We leave you with the 5 best phrases of Lady Guillen towards those affected by the overflow of the river Huaycoloro. 1. “Are you waiting for the mudslide?”: As unusual as it may seem, Lady Guillen he asked that question to those who were near the river Huaycoloro. The citizens of the area only responded that they needed the help of the authorities in the area.

2. “Do you live around here? Do you feel abandoned?”: the driver of ‘I have something to tell you’ She asked these unusual questions to a minor who was near her. 3. “I’m going to see the landslide, I’m coming”: The landslide came and Lady Guillen she left in a hurry in search of a refuge in the highest area. The citizens of San Juan de Lurigancho they just watched as the TV host escaped. 4. “How did you get it off the roof?”: It was the question he asked Lady Guillen to a lady who told her that her son was saved from the avalanche climbing to the roof of your home. 5. “They tell me that the landslide is already coming from the left”: Well, there is not much to say about this sentence. The landslide finally arrived and the area of San Juan de Lurigancho and a journalist supplanted Lady Guillen. The driver’s comments ‘I have something to tell you’ did not go unnoticed by the users of the social networks who immediately began to comment on Guillén’s phrases. the intentions of Lady Guillen they were more than admirable and the effort he makes to support those who need it most is highlighted. A little more court and it will be ready to “report” Live. To the front!