Huge Russian convoy approaches Kiev; Attacks on Kharkiv and Kherson increase

Satellite images show a huge military convoy from Russia slowly approaching Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, from the north on the sixth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to calculations, the military caravan is about 64 kilometers long and is made up of hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and logistics support vehicles.

“Everyone around the world can see that this convoy is on its way. There are even reports that it is receiving more reinforcements as it approaches,” Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s Kyiv-based international correspondent, said on Tuesday. According to the latest reports from correspondents, the convoy is located about 27 kilometers from Kiev.

For its part, the US intelligence services warned that “the worst is yet to come” against Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. In this vein, the people of Ukraine are ready to defend Kiev from Russia with their lives. More Russian attacks on Kiev and Kharkiv, the country’s second largest city, were reported overnight.

Ukrainians take refuge from attacks in Kiev

Huge Russian convoy approaches Kiev; Attacks on Kharkov and Kherson increase.

Civilians in Kiev headed for underground shelters as the alert spread across multiple districts of the capital. BBC correspondent Clive Myrie reported that the place where he worked was “rocked by missile fire” that fell so close that “windows rumbled”.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyy told the BBC that “the situation is serious, but stable.” “In fact, every day the enemy sends more and more forces. But our glorious armed forces are basically destroying everything that reaches Kiev, which remains the main target to attack,” he added.

Ukraine hosts entry to whoever wants to fight Russia

Huge Russian convoy approaches Kiev; Attacks on Kharkov and Kherson increase.

AmericanPost.News reports that, to deal with the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian government appears to be fully prepared to call upon available resources as necessary.

During a televised speech broadcast on Monday night, President Volodimir Zelenski reported that as of March 1, any foreigner who wishes to fight against Russia will be allowed to enter the nation without a visa.

However, diplomacy also tries to find a way out of the conflict. Ukrainian and Russian representatives held a first round of negotiations on Monday in the territory of Belarus, of which no details were disclosed, beyond the fact that there will be a second meeting.

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