Hugo García and Alessia Rovegno reveal that they began their romance on the third day of meeting

Hugo Garcia and Alessia Rovegno were linked live with the program “On everyone’s lips” to provide details of how their romance began. The couple could not hide their nerves in what was their first appearance on TV.

“I love seeing them together. Welcome. I know they have almost, almost two months together.” Maju Mantilla commented when seeing Hugo and Alessia in cameras. “I want you to tell me everything, please, because this is your first time that you appear together as lovers on television,” Tulle added.

The former member of “Esto es Guerra” commented that he is very happy with Rovegno, whom he described as “an incredible and super good girl.”

“Tulita, we are happy, happy. We have just returned from an amazing trip. Super happy, Ale is an incredible girl, beautiful on the outside, incredible on the inside, super good… we really get along, we are super accomplices”, Garcia said.

“The truth is that it was a super special connection from the first moment and without any explanation in between, we got along super well, everything flowed naturally and that’s beautiful. And we are super similar, we like to do the same things, we really get along amazingly”, Alessia commented smiling shyly at the camera.

On the other hand, Hugo García did not want to provide details of how he asked Alessia to be his girlfriend, he only revealed that they became a couple “on the third day of meeting.”

“It was the old fashioned way and on the third day of meeting. It cannot be counted, I can only count that it was super rocky, everything happened at the perfect time”, commented the athlete.


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