Human stampede! Santa Fe Klan fans go crazy to get into concert

Guanajuato.- A total lack of control was what was experienced during the celebration of the concert of the Guanajuato rapper, Santa Fe Klan, after hundreds of attendees who gathered at the Leon State Fair slam the door and cause a stampede to get into the concert.

Since the early hours of this Tuesday, hundreds of fans of the Santa Fe Klan most of them minors were trained in the Valeria de la Feria to be able to get a good place and enjoy the event that was organized free of charge by the León Fair 2022.

Although no incidents were reported in the early hours of the day, the chaos was present minutes before the concert began, as fans of the rapper entered the esplanade by force, jumping the fences and climbing the stands to see the composer of “I must understand”.

Videos shared on social networks show how, despite the indication given by the security personnel that the maximum quota was already full, hundreds of fans knocked down the fences and ran to the esplanade to listen to the rapper.

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At the moment authorities have not reported if injured people were presented due to the stampede of fans. On the other hand, users through social networks lamented the events and condemned the agglomeration of people registered despite the high number of Covid-19 infections presented in the country.

Human stampede! Santa Fe Klan fans go crazy to get into concert