Humberto Zurita and Stephanie were seen together and triggered relationship rumors

Mexican singer and actress Stephanie Salas, along with actor Humberto Zurita, were captured at the International Airport of Mexico City upon her arrival from a trip. Let’s remember that Christian Bach, who was Zurita’s wife for 33 years, died in 2019, and since then, he has not had any public partner. Will this be the exception?

Undoubtedly, Zurita has been very devoted to his ex-wife. However, after her death, there has been no shortage of those who link him sentimentally with other celebrities, but, so far, everything has remained mere speculation. Now, suspicions about a possible romance with Michelle Salas’ mother arise after they were seen arriving and leaving the airport together. Here are the details.

Stephanie and Humberto arrived together and kept their distance to avoid suspicions.

According to images from the program “¡Siéntese Quien Pueda!” Stephanie Salas arrived at the Mexico City International Airport with her daughter, Camila Valero. What caused a stir was not that. A few steps behind came Humberto Zurita, accompanied by his assistant, perhaps far away from her so as not to raise suspicions. However, both left in the same van, so there is already talk that the celebrities could be romantically involved.

The event triggered even more attention from the press because Salas was recently heavily criticized for her remarks about Silvia Pinal.

Was the actor carrying the actress’s luggage?

The 68-year-old celebrity was carrying two huge suitcases, while Salas only carried a small one as she walked a few steps ahead of the actor. On the other hand, Camila Valero was carefree. So it is not ruled out the probability that one of the huge suitcases belonged to Stephanie or her daughter. Later, the celebrities’ assistant helped Zurita with his belongings.

Some details reinforced the suspicions.

Not only is it believed that they started a romance because the actress included Humberto in a trip that seemed to be a family trip, but also because they share a driver and assistant. After Salas met with the media, the actor took the opportunity to put his bags in a black van. She later arrived at the same vehicle, being there when the staff accompanying the celebrity helped her arrange her belongings and those of her daughter. The images of the program, which revealed the news, reinforced the theory that they could be together and not only that but that they would even share employees.

This is what Salas told the press.

The mother of Luis Miguel’s daughter had a brief encounter with the media and was not asked about the alleged romance since, until then, Zurita had managed to go unnoticed. The 52-year-old celebrity was questioned about her niece Frida Sofia, who has had some legal problems. According to information from “¡Siéntese Quien Pueda!” this time, she was denounced for attacking a woman.

However, Stephanie pointed out that she had no idea what had happened with her niece. “I don’t know about that, absolutely nothing,” she replied while Zurita boarded the van already waiting for them outside the airport.

These are the women in Humberto Zurita’s life.

After Christian Bach’s death, Humberto Zurita has not publicly rebuilt his life with another woman. However, he has been romantically linked to Kika Edgar, with whom he acted in “La Reina Del Sur 2.” The singer is married to musician José Corrales, so she only has a great friendship with the actor.

On the other hand, it was speculated that she would be giving herself a new opportunity in love with Rebecca de Alba, according to Univision journalist Inés Moreno, on her Instagram account. Time will tell if Stephanie Salas finally won a place in his heart.