Humberto Zurita in mourning for his mother: “You will always live in my heart”

Humberto Zurita confirmed the death of his mother, Guadalupe Moreno, at the age of 95 (Photo: Courtesy)

Humberto Zurita announced that his mother, Guadalupe Moreno, passed away at the age of 95. With an emotional message, and a series of photographs, the actor he said goodbye to his mother.

A few weeks before the third death anniversary of his wife, Christian BachZurita expressed the pain that overwhelms him at having to say goodbye to his mother, who died on January 14.

Hours after the news about the physical disappearance of Sebastián Zurita’s grandmother was revealed, through his stories On Instagram, the actor confirmed the facts and shared some photos of Mrs. Guadalupe. In each image he wrote a small message where he exposed the values ​​that his mother instilled in him, in addition, he let her know how much love he felt for her and a lot that you will need.

Humberto Zurita's mother, Guadalupe Moreno, passed away
The actor lamented the death of his mother with six photos shared on his Instagram account (Photo: Instagram/@zuritahm)

“Life without love is meaningless. Fly high, angel of my life”, reads one of his images. In another, the actor’s mother is seen with a bouquet of flowers and the message “You will always live in my heart.” “Go and light up the sky as you lit up my life, heart,” reads another of the photos where Moreno is sitting in front of a body of water.

“Your big heart always made you a great, very special woman who taught me that love saves us”, “I love you infinitely”, “My mother and the cleanest and purest love that taught me that life without love it is not worth living”, are other messages he wrote in his temporary publications.

As usual the protagonist of Thoroughbred to be discreet with your personal life, He did not give great details about the death of his mother, but local media and Televisa Newscasts They reported that he was in Keep, Coahuila, where he is from, accompanying her due to health problems related to stomach.

Humberto Zurita's mother, Guadalupe Moreno, passed away
Moreno died in Coahuila after presenting health problems (Photo: Instagram/@zuritahm)

It transpired that the devastated family had to say goodbye to the matriarch on Friday at 12:00. Moreno passed away surrounded by her children and some of her grandchildren.

On February 26, 2019, the Argentine actress died Christian Bach, with whom Zurita had shared more than three decades of her life.

Due to how sensitive the news was for the Zuritas, Bach’s death was not reported until almost a week later. The family decided to handle the matter privately, as well as matters related to the death, but since Christian was a public figure, they released the news.

Just as he did with his mother, the actor announced his wife’s death through his stories, where he shared some thoughts about the events and exposed the pain that he and his children were experiencing due to the loss of someone so important in their lives.

Christian passed away in 2019 at the age of 59 (Photo: Paola Hidalgo/Cuartoscuro)
Christian passed away in 2019 at the age of 59 (Photo: Paola Hidalgo/Cuartoscuro)

Death is part of reality and we cannot avoid it, before her we have two options: evade or confront her, “he wrote. “By confronting it we can reflect and work to minimize the suffering it causes. See you soon Christian”, he added.

Since the death of his partner, the actor shares messages of love for her and a small reflection in which, usually, he also talks about the children they had together and the pain he has had to endure since then.


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