Humberto Zurita, Kika Edgar, Christian Bach appear together Halloween

  • Are the signs of romance between Christian Bach’s widower and Kika Edgar getting stronger?
  • She is married, but apparently she doesn’t mind being seen with Humberto Zurita
  • The actor was seen in full Halloween with the Mexican

Kika Edgar and Humberto Zurita have denied at all times the rumors of an alleged romance between the two, which was highly criticized as everything was unleashed a few months after the death of Christian Bach two years ago, but now, in the middle of 2021, the actors are they saw very close together on Halloween.

And it is that a video from the Instagram page ‘Chisme no Like’, compiles a series of stories of Kika Edgar in said social network where apparently this weekend he was spending his day very close to Humberto Zurita, who was widowed in 2019 by the death of his wife Christian Bach.

Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar back together

Instagram: Gossip no Like

When they worked together on the series ‘La Reina del Sur’, Kika Edgar and Humberto Zurita were a fictitious couple, but although the two claimed to only have a beautiful friendship, since she is married, and he had just become widowed by Christian Bach, people began to speculate if they were in love with the amount of photos and compliments that one and the other made.

Now, an Instagram video shows that this Halloween in 2021, they were walking down the street very together and joking with each other, wearing makeup according to the Halloween festivities, but it is not known if they are working again or simply sharing as the ‘friends’ they claim to be.

They enjoy each other, what would Christian Bach think about it?

Christian Bach's widower sends love signals with Kika Edgar

“Joyous zombies! #KikaEdgar and the actor #HumbertoZurita from some time to date are very close to all sides and on these dates of # DíaDeMuertos was no exception. This was also shared by the singer on her Instagram account where the couple is seen characterized as a kind of zombies enjoying their good company ”, is the description that they published with the video of both.

And it is clearly visible that Kika Edgar is the most excited to record her walk in the street with Humberto Zurita while Christian Bach’s widower brings his eyes painted black, dressed in the same color and with a dark mask that he does not hesitate to removed so your face is clearly visible.

Kika Edgar excited about Humberto Zurita?

Kika Edgar with Humberto Zurita on Halloween

Walking on his arm, with her eyes also painted black and her pale skin according to the Halloween dates, Kika Edgar takes off her mask to show her smile from being walking next to the actor and he looks very serious at all times. camera, could it be that they were acting?

In another part of the Instagram story, you can see how Humberto Zurita is sitting looking at something on his cell phone, when suddenly Kika Edgar says something to him, and he turns with a threatening look… “I had better not asked him anything! What $ & @ fear! ” The actress wrote in her music video with a sinister tone.

Who do you want the substitute for? From Humberto Zurita or Kika Edgar?

Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar Halloween, what would Christian Bach say?

Such was the emotion that Kika Edgar uploaded a survey asking her followers if they preferred to be scared by her or by Christian Back’s widower, however the comments to the images surprised more than one since Humberto Zurita is much older. than the Mexican.

“It looks like grandfather”, “Chiquirruco”, “Isn’t she married?”, “Her grandfather, how cute”, “Are you guys?” !!, Since they recorded the Queen of the South, they already said they were walking… .. they know how to hide it ”,“ Everything is very nice but she is MARRIED and with a child but nobody says anything because she is not a man I suppose ”, assured several people.

Is what Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar are doing okay?

Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar together, Christian Bach

Humberto Zurita was devastated after the death of Christian Bach and although in various interviews he has said that he is not interested in remaking his love life, however he does have many friends with whom he goes out, now he could ‘eat’ his words, because a photo together Kika Edgar raised suspicions.

Since both actors were a couple in the second season of La Reina del Sur, speculation about a possible romance has been unleashed, despite the fact that Kika Edgar has a years-long marriage with the musician Javier Corrales with whom she shares photos and videos on her account on Instagram. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF BOTH IN FULL HALLOWEEN

Does Christian Bach’s widower no longer respect her?

Humberto Zurita

Now, the rumors are back on track thanks to the actress sharing a photo on her Instagram stories where she appears very smiling with Humberto Zurita at a dinner, but that was not all, because the background song she used for the image It was ‘My favorite person’ by Natalia Aguilar.

Not satisfied with raising suspicions about an affair with Humberto Zurita, the same actress deleted the photograph when she saw the mistake she had made with her husband? Well, the image disappeared but to his misfortune it was replicated in several accounts of shows on social networks.

A simple friendship or romance? Kika Edgar and Humberto Zurita appear together

Kika Edgar in love with the actor?

The entertainment gossip account Chamonic shared the image with the following description: “Whether they already say they walk or not? Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar hahaha #andoconelpendiente ”, unleashing a wave of speculation despite the fact that the Mexican actress is married.

“Aaaaaayyyy well, as Juan Gabriel said, what is seen is not asked”, “For love there is no age”, “They make a beautiful couple”, “But she is married, right? For me, what is advertising ”,“ I like this couple but what about Kika chamonic, do you know everything, does she have a partner, boyfriend, husband, divorced woman? ”, Expressed certain people.

Kika Edgar is still married, don’t you care what they say about her romance with Humberto Zurita?

is married

Kika Edgar had previously explained that he has a beautiful friendship with Humberto Zurita and in turn, the actor expressed that since the death of Christian Bach he has become closer to his friends, including his Mexican partner, however they have not denied a Romance.

“More than obvious”, “Yes they have been around since when”, “I love this couple”, “Her husband is from Playa Limbo and they put very affectionate messages, nothing to do with Humberto Zurita”, “I think it’s publicity because she is still with her husband and she still uploads things and so on ”,“ Since when have they been around? ”,“ Pure publicity so they can talk about them ”, people commented.

Kika Edgar’s husband had already reacted to the actress’s alleged romance with Humberto Zurita

Humberto Zurita is worth being married

The musician Jorge Corrales, Kika Edgar’s husband did not keep anything to himself and spoke about the rumors that link his wife in an alleged affair with fellow actor Humberto Zurita, Christian Bach’s widower. Several months after the unfortunate death of the actress Christian Bach, her husband, the heartthrob Humberto Zurita has been related to the actress Kika Edgar, with whom it has been suspected that he seeks to rebuild his love life.

An entertainment magazine revealed that Humberto would have fallen into the arms of Kika Edgar, since the actress would gather the characteristics that would captivate the actor.

People like the couple they form. Would Christian Bach have agreed?

The actors were together in a series

However, Kika Edgar has been married for several years to the keyboardist of ‘Playa Limbo’, the musician Jorge Corrales. Given this, the cameras of ‘Suelta la Sopa’ looked for the musician to find out what he thinks about the supposed romance that would have emerged from the recording set of ‘La Reina del Sur 2’.

To the surprise of many, Jorge Corrales assured: “We laugh together. The truth is that it is an invention. We talked about it as a joke ”. And in a relaxed tone, the keyboardist spoke about what supposedly was aired about Kika Edgar and Humberto Zurita: “It’s not cool that they take you out on a cover like this, but hey, it made us laugh because what else are you doing?” Added Jorge Corrales for the Telemundo program.