Humberto Zurita tells what nobody expected

  • Is Christian Bach still alive?
  • Humberto Zurita affirms that he still has communication with the actress
  • Is he dating Rebecca de Alba?

Is it still present in your family? Mexican actor Humberto Zurita reveals the unexpected presence of his late wife, Argentine actress Christian Bach amid rumors of a possible relationship between him and Rebecca de Alba, could his ex-wife want to say something to him?

It was on February 26, 2019 when the unfortunate death of the actress from Buenos Aire Argentina was announced, who unfortunately had died at the age of 59, leaving a deep void in the hearts of her husband, also an actor. Mexican Humberto Zurita and his two sons Emiliano and Sebastián.

In a relationship with Rebecca de Alba?; Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach

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Almost three years after his death, much has begun to argue about a possible romance between the actor Humberto Zurita and Rebecca de Alba and that is that according to the journalist of the Univisión network, Inés Moreno, reported that these actors could be in a relationship:

“I received recent information about a romance between Rebecca de Alba and Humberto Zurita, will it be? Hopefully the two of them give each other a chance in love, do you like this couple? “, Wrote Inés through her social networks, reporting a possible romance between these handsome actors, although at the moment neither has confirmed this fact.

Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach

Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach
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In the midst of these rumors, the actor from northern Mexico spoke exclusively for the newspaper El Universal and revealed a shocking news, where he argued that his wife Christian Bach is still with them and that he has even been in constant communication with both him and with his kids.

During his interview, the protagonist of several soap operas commented the following, assuring that there were many ways for people who have already died to keep in contact with people who are still alive: “There are many manifestations in which loved ones are with us.” , with text recovered from the Las Estrellas Tv portal.

Have you manifested with him ?; Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach

Have you manifested with him ?;  Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach
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Humberto Zurita went on to say that the great love he still has for his wife Christian Bach transcended so much that she continues to communicate with him through dreams, and not only spoke of a bond with Argentina, but also his father communicates with him through of Dreams:

“A very important part is dreams, it is incredible that when you dream of the person you loved, that you continue to love, but who had to leave here, and he spoke not only about her, he spoke about my father, about hers. You dream of loved people (…) It shows you that you never abandon yourself, neither you to them nor they to you. They are always there ”.

“Is always with me”; Humberto Zurita tells what no one would have expected from Christian Bach

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After this, Humberto Zurita pointed out that not only does he feel that presence of Christian Bach, but also his children Emiliano and Sebastián, which usually happens every time the family or separately travels, because it was a very common practice when the actress of soap operas still lived.

The actor assured that despite the fact that people are no longer in this plane there will always be a spiritual connection beyond the earthly: “It is not only a memory, it is something that I live every day of my life, because people can physically die, but spiritually they are always with you in your heart.

He affirms that he will no longer be able to fall in love

He affirms that he will no longer be able to fall in love
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To conclude, the Las Estrellas Tv portal brings out an interview that Humberto Zurita had with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, where he spoke of another rumor in which they claimed that he was in a relationship with his partner Kika Edgar, something that he 67-year-old man flatly denied, assuring that no one will be able to take the place of his beloved Christian Bach:

“What is that I could not fall in love. If you ask me, no one fits into my heart like Christian, and that other person would have to understand that our love would have to be completely different, “argued the actor before the dating rumors with Kika Edgar. Will he ever deny the rumors with the actress Rebecca de Alba?

Do you already confirm it? Kika Edgar, still married, appears ‘romantically’ with Humberto Zurita

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Humberto Zurita was devastated after the death of Christian Bach and although in various interviews he has said that he is not interested in remaking his love life, however he does have many friends with whom he goes out, now he could ‘eat’ his words, because a photo together Kika Edgar raised suspicions.

Since both actors were a couple in the second season of La Reina del Sur, speculation about a possible romance has been unleashed, despite the fact that Kika Edgar has a years-long marriage with the musician Javier Corrales with whom she shares photos and videos on her account on Instagram.

Does Christian Bach’s widower no longer respect her?

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Now, the rumors are back on track thanks to the actress sharing a photo on her Instagram stories where she appears very smiling with Humberto Zurita at a dinner, but that was not all, because the background song she used for the image It was ‘My favorite person’ by Natalia Aguilar.

Not satisfied with raising suspicions about an affair with Humberto Zurita, the same actress deleted the photograph when she saw the mistake she had made with her husband? Well, the image disappeared but to his misfortune it was replicated in several accounts of shows on social networks.

A simple friendship or romance?

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The entertainment gossip account Chamonic shared the image with the following description: “Whether they already say they walk or not? Humberto Zurita and Kika Edgar hahaha #andoconelpendiente ”, unleashing a wave of speculation despite the fact that the Mexican actress is married.

“Aaaaaayyyy well, as Juan Gabriel said, what is seen is not asked”, “For love there is no age”, “They make a beautiful couple”, “But she is married, right? For me, what is advertising “,” I like this couple but what about Kika Chamonic, do you know everything, does she have a partner, boyfriend, husband, divorced woman? “, Expressed certain people.

Kika Edgar is still married, don’t you care what they say about her romance with Humberto Zurita?

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Kika Edgar had previously explained that he has a beautiful friendship with Humberto Zurita and in turn, the actor expressed that since the death of Christian Bach he has become closer to his friends, including his Mexican partner, however they have not denied a Romance.

“More than obvious”, “Yes they have been around since when”, “I love this couple”, “Her husband is from Playa Limbo and they put very affectionate messages, nothing to do with Humberto Zurita”, “I think it’s publicity because she is still with her husband and still uploads things and so on ”,“ Since when have they been around? ”,“ Pure publicity so that they talk about them ”, people commented.

Kika Edgar’s husband had already reacted to the alleged romance

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The musician Jorge Corrales, Kika Edgar’s husband did not keep anything to himself and spoke about the rumors that link his wife in an alleged affair with fellow actor Humberto Zurita, Christian Bach’s widower. Several months after the unfortunate death of the actress Christian Bach, her husband, the heartthrob Humberto Zurita has been related to the actress Kika Edgar, with whom it has been suspected that he seeks to rebuild his love life.

An entertainment magazine revealed that Humberto would have fallen before the arms of Kika Edgar, since the actress would have the characteristics that would captivate the actor. Some images of this note come from this and this videos