Husband of the teacher who died in the shooting in Uvalde, Joe García, dies of a heart attack after the loss of his partner

Husband of the Texas teacher who died in the shooting suffered a heart attack.

Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The massacre committed by Salvador Ramos, 18, at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, not only left 21 dead, but one more who could not bear the death of one of the victims and died of a heart attack.

Through social networks, Ernie Zuñiga has announced that Joe Garcia, husband of the fourth grade teacher, Irma García, who died in Tuesday’s shooting suffered a heart attack and there was no way to save his life.

“It is extremely heartbreaking and I come with deep pain to say that my aunt Irma’s husband, Joe Garcia, passed away from grief. I really don’t have words to explain how we all feel, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, God have mercy on us, this is not easy, “the family member shared.

Zuñiga indicated that the couple is survived by four children: “Joe Garcia, the husband of Irma Garcia, one of two teachers shot to death in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, he suffered a fatal heart attack. Joe and Irma were high school sweethearts and married for 24 years. They leave four children.

Tuesday morning, Ramos entered Robb Elementary in Uvalde and shot children and teachers without distinction, who tried to escape before the hail of bullets. The attack left 21 people dead, including 19 children and 2 teachers.

The 18-year-old attacker was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police. and it is known that before he went to school he shot his grandmother who is in critical condition.

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