Hydration and nutrients: 5 benefits of cucumber water and how to prepare it

Drinking cucumber water helps you get more potassium.

Photo: Timur Weber/Pexels

In addition to keeping you hydrated, cucumber water may provide you with other health benefits. It is a very easy refreshing drink to prepare at home.

Cucumber water is a healthy drink option. Cucumber is low in calories, provides vitamin K and potassium.

5 benefits of cucumber water

1. It keeps you hydrated

Cucumber water is an option to consume water replacing sugary drinks like sodas and staying hydrated. Water is an essential nutrient. Optimal hydration is a key component to good health. Cucumber adds flavor to water and can encourage you to drink more.

The Harvard Nutrition Source notes that drinking water helps restore fluids lost to prevent overheating, lubricates joints and tissues, keeps skin healthy, and is necessary for proper digestion.

2. Provides antioxidants

Cucumber provides antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Antioxidants help prevent and delay cell damage by oxidative stress caused by free radicals and also increase immunity.

3. Provides electrolytes

Drinking cucumber water helps you get more potassiuman electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of sodium retained by the kidneys.

Potassium is necessary for proper kidney and heart function, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. Getting too little potassium can increase blood pressure, reduce calcium in your bones, and increase your risk of kidney stonesaccording to the National Institutes of Health.

4. It can help control your weight

Cucumber water hydrates you without many calories compared to soft drinks. A cup of cucumber has only 16 calories. The average can of soda provides about 150 calories, nearly all of it from added sugar. If you miss bubbles, you can use carbonated water to make sparkling cucumber water.

Drinking water can also help you feel full. Sometimes thirst is confused with hunger. The confusion occurs in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates both appetite and thirst, explains Alissa Rumsey, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics via Health. She drinks a glass of water and waits 20 minutes to see if your hunger subsides.

5. Promotes bone health

Cucumber provides vitamin K, a vitamin that helps blood coagulation and maintain healthy bones.

How to make cucumber water

There are two ways to make cucumber water. One with liquefied cucumber and the other as an infusion.

Recipe 1
-2 liters of water
-2 cucumbers washed with peel
-3 seedless lemons
-2 cups of ice

Preparation: Blend the cucumbers with a part of the water, pour into a jar, add the lemon juice, the ice and the rest of the water. You can also add some lemon slices to the water.

Recipe 2
-2 liters of water
-1/2 cucumber washed with peel
-2 sprigs of fresh mint
-2 cups of ice

preparation: Cut the cucumber into thin slices and add them to a liter of water. Squeeze the mint a little with the palms of your hands and add to the water, add ice, stir and empty the rest of the water. Let the water sit in the refrigerator for an hour.

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