‘I ask for a kidney so that I can have a normal life again’

Nadia Menjivar is an example of struggle. (Supplied / Gisela Menjivar)

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Every Saturday at 8 p.m. Nadia Menjivar and her mother Gisela Menjivar connect to social networks to promote the new pieces of costume jewelry that Nadia sells, and to have fun with her followers when they both start singing karaoke.

Her plan has been so successful with friends and family that Nadia now enjoys her two passions, jewelry sales and karaoke by presenting Nadia’s Karaoke Bling Bling weekly.

During that moment, 20-year-old Nadia forgets a little about the pain that haunts her every day. The young woman was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney failure in February 2021. This means that her kidneys’ ability to filter waste from the bloodstream has worsened and caused her health to deteriorate.

Her diet is extremely strict and she has to take eight pills three times a day. You should also have weekly check-ups in the hospital for an injection against anemia.

This Christmas, while families ask for material gifts, the Menjivar, who reside in the San Fernando Valley, only ask for health for the smallest of the home.

“I ask for a kidney so that I can have a normal life and a long life again,” the young woman told La Opinion. “I want to be able to go out for a walk, visit my friends without fear of getting sick. I want to travel around the world”.

Gisela indicated that her daughter has been a fighter since she was born. When she was eight months pregnant, she gave birth in an emergency because Nadia was in danger because a valve in her heart was not formed correctly.

Nadia Menjivar (r) and her mother Gisela are looking for an urgent kidney donor. (Supplied / Gisela Menjivar)

“In the children’s hospital they corrected her valve and from there she was fine. At the age of 2 he began to have epilepsy episodes until about seven years ago, but it is under control with medicine ”, he explained.

Gisela said that when Nadia was diagnosed with the disease, she had 11% of her kidneys working and now only 8% are working. This means that you urgently need a kidney transplant.

“They say kidney disease is the silent killer because you can see the person and they look great on the outside, but on the inside they are sick,” said Gisela.

Gisela said that a drastic change that the family has made at home is adapting to the new style of eating that Nadia leads. She cannot eat salt and must watch out for potassium and phosphorous levels.

“I can’t give him any frozen food because it has phosphorus and that is fatal for the kidney,” said Gisela. “Everything she eats is fresh, we can’t give her anything that is reheated in the microwave.”

Gisela explained that this Christmas for the first time Nadia had a specific diet for her dinner. This consisted of chicken breast and vegetables.

Nadia said that what she misses eating the most is ice cream. He would also like to try a hamburger again as well as fries and cheetos.

Unexpected gift

On Friday as the Menjivar family prepared for a safe celebration at home, they received a visit from the organization Mujeres de Hoy – dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment – to purportedly buy costume jewelry for Nadia.

Mayra Todd (i), from Mujeres de Hoy, donated $ 500 to Nadia Menjivar as a Christmas gift. (Supplied / Mayra Todd)

What mother and daughter did not expect is that the organization was there to leave her a Christmas gift of $ 500. The money was raised by the organization and a donor identified as Presumida Aguilar.

“We cannot give him a kidney, but we can give him a little happiness with this gift,” said Mayra Todd, director of the organization.

Mother and daughter were surprised and very excited to receive the unexpected gift. Gisela said that they have never asked for money during Nadia’s illness, but this gift can help her continue her jewelry business.

“Thank you very much for all the support,” Nadia told the organization.

For his part, Todd said that Nadia inspires them to keep going as she is the symbol of an empowered woman.

Gisela said they won’t stop until they get the kidney for their daughter. She needs a kidney from a donor between the ages of 25 and 55 who has an O positive blood type.

“It is suggested that it be of this age so that it lasts longer without the need for another transplant,” said Gisela, assuring that she and her family have already tried to be donors but neither was a match.

To learn more about the details and become a donor you can call (818) 261-4807 or visit: https://www.roaringfuture.com/pray-for-nadia

You can follow Nadia and Gisela Menjivar on Facebok at https://www.facebook.com/prayfornadia