Me Caigo de Risa: when will the eighth season premiere

On Sunday, May 9, its most recent broadcast ended (Photo: screenshot Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)

The eighth season of Me Caigo de Risa will begin next Monday, January 31 at 8:00 p.m. on Channel 5, this edition of the program will premiere after a reunion on the 2021 Telethon and several months of uncertainty for the fans.

The confirmed cast will be the same as in previous editions, so viewers of this program will see the participation of Michelle Rodriguez, Ricardo Margaleff, Alfonso Borbolla, Mariazel, Mariana Echeverria, Yurem Rojas, Armando Hernandez, Isaac Salem, Jessica Segura, Gaby Platas, Jerry Velazquez, Ari Albarrán and José Luis Rodríguez The Guana.

The person in charge of confirming the return of The Dysfunctional Family to I fall down laughing it was Faisy, who on December 15th placed on his Instagram account two photographs with the entire cast and wrote: “One for all … January 2022”.

I fall down laughing
The cast of the eighth season (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)

Hours before, the account of the Show comedian had published a promotional video where some of the members of the comedian program were seen. The comedians joined in a special message for their fans. “It’s been many months since we stopped seeing each other. After spending incredible moments together. Do you want us to be honest with you? We miss them so much”They mentioned.

“We always let them know that we do too. We miss their messages, their videos, their laughs, that they play with us, that they comment on the networks ”, commented the members of I fall down laughing.

After five special episodes in mid-2021, this comedy program had announced that the seventh season would be the last, as the producer felt that he should leave “Rest the format.”

In the most recent broadcast of Me Caigo de Risa, the program paid tribute to the youth telenovela
In a gala broadcast, Me Caigo de Risa paid tribute to the youth soap opera “Rebelde” (Photo: Instagram by @mecaigoderisaof)

“From last year to here, we have done it non-stop, the sixth and seventh seasons were hit. We did more than 75 programs, plus the five from the gala. I think it’s time to rest the format, ”Eduardo Suárez, producer of the program, expressed in May 2021.

Before the announcement, the followers of this humorous program showed their sadness and filled the comment box with messages such as “MCDR should be a fixed program on tv, they are one of the few that are worth gold and that really entertain “and “Let it not end, let the dysfunctional family continue the program very good that makes us spend pleasant times with the family in these difficult times ”.

It should be noted that before his official return, I fall down laughing had a special participation in the 2021 Telethon, as they performed some sketches with the stage tilted.

The program announced that a characteristic element will return at the event (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)
The program announced that it would return with a characteristic element at the event (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)

Conversations between members of The Dysfunctional Family on their possible return began when one of the hosts premiered his show Faisy Nights, the first episode of which reached Unicable June 15.

Said transmission began with a “press conference” where the driver answered questions from the public; among them was Ricardo Malagreff, who asked about the eighth season of I fall down laughing.

The Dysfunctional Family will have a reunion at an event (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)
The Dysfunctional Family had a reunion at the Telethon (Photo: Instagram / @ mecaigoderisaof)

Given this question, Faisy replied: “Surely there will be, but we don’t know when or with whom.” According to the page of the Channel 5, signal of Televisa where this humorous program used to be broadcast, the host assured that, in any case, the broadcasts of Faisy nights they would not interrupt the possible development from I fall down laughing.

He also expressed that he was in a position to shoot both programs at the same time, so since then it was very likely that the end of season 7 in I fall down laughing I would not have marked the final term of this program.


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