“I fear for the life of my family”: PRI deputy denounces threats for voting in favor of electricity reform

Mexico.- The PRI deputy, Carlos Miguel Aysa Damasannounced that has received threats against his family and him after announcing that he will vote in favor of AMLO’s electricity reformwhich has also earned him accusations of “traitor” by the PRI.

Through his official Twitter account, Carlos Aysa confessed that he is afraid for the safety of his family and himself after his announcement about the electricity reform, while reminding the former presidential candidate of the PRILuis Donaldo Colosio, comparing his situation with that of the PRI member assassinated before the 1994 elections.

I fear for the life of my family and mine. As a child I grew up admiring Luis Donaldo Colosio, now I fully understand that the actions of true men can generate hatred towards the same archaic and unpatriotic sector,” said the PRI deputy.

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In another tweet, he shared some of the hate messages that he has received after announcing his support for the electricity reform, in which strong insults are read against him for having betrayed his bench in favor of AMLO.

The legislator also said he felt sad for the division that the opposition has caused among the population of Mexico, adding that “there are no enemies” in the country, without those who seek “the benefit” and have a “privileged mind and vision.” Like President López Obrador.

It is very sad to see that the opposition has caused such a deep division among citizensin this country there are no enemies, there are people with a privileged mind and vision like Lic. López Obrador, those of us who seek the benefit of the country (…) And then there is the ignorant mass that only defends vested interests,” he said. .

Among the messages that the PRI received from strangers, the insults and accusations of “selling out” and “selling homelands”very much in tune with the description of “traitor to the country” given to him by the PRI leader, Alejandro Moreno.

“An embassy for one vote. How convenient, not fools? You will be branded as the pig you are”, “Wretched khaki traitor”, say some of the insults that Carlos Aysa received on social networks.

The PRI deputy shared some of the insults he has received for announcing that he will vote in favor of the electricity reform. Image: Twitter Capture

The PRI deputy He launched a message to those who have “offended and threatened him by phone”, reiterating his “moral principles” behind his vote in favor of the electricity reform, as well as his support for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“To all the vendepatrias who have offended and threatened me by phone, I remind you that before being a politician I am a man of great moral principles, something that all of you are unaware of. Long live Mexico! Long live the president of Mexico!” he said in response. to threats.

PRI accuses him of “traitor”

After announcing that he will vote in favor of the electrical reform, the national leader of the PRI, Alexander Morenoand other legislators from his caucus accused Carlos Aysa Damas of being a “traitor”, since the party’s National Political Council had given the order to vote against.

Through his official Facebook account, the national leader of the PRI called Carlos Aysa a “disloyal person,” accusing him of betraying the party and Mexico by voting in favor of AMLO’s electricity reform.

“Democracy gives undeserved opportunities to disloyal people. Today, Carlos Miguel Aysa Damas betrays the PRI and betrays Mexico. Neither an Embassy, ​​nor bribes, nor blackmail will be enough to face the Nation that it has betrayed,” said Alejandro Moreno.

The PRI leader reiterated that the vote of the PRI caucus will be against the amendment to the Electricity Industry Law (LIE) promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and warned that Morena’s legislators will not be able to defeat the opposition.

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“Let it be clear: the vote of the PRI Parliamentary Group will be AGAINST. Morena is not going to be able to defeat the opposition, we owe it to the citizens and we will respond to them, whatever it takes. ITS REFORM IS NOT GOING TO PASS!” he said after calling the PRI deputy a “traitor.”

For her part, the PRI deputy Paloma Sánchez joined the position of “Alito” Moreno and did not hesitate to launch a forceful message against Daysa and her ancestry: “Carlos Miguel Aysa Damas you are A TRAITOR like your father,” he wrote from Twitter.