“I miss you more than ever”, the Elizalde Dynasty commemorates the 43rd birthday of Valentín Elizalde

This day the singer Valentin Elizalde, who was known as “The golden rooster”, at the time one of the great exponents of the Mexican Regional, would be celebrating his 43rd birthday. But unfortunately, on the morning of November 25, he was brutally murdered after his presentation at the palenque of the Reynosa Expo-fair, in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Through their social networks, several of the members of the Elizalde dynasty, shared photographs and messages in memory of the interpreter of songs such as “Go now”, “How it hurts me”, “To my enemies” and many more, in commemoration of his birth.

He is also a singer Francisco “El Gallo” Elizalde, published a series of photographs of his brother, full of longing, accompanied by these words: “happy birthday to our Vale, always loved and admired by many.”

He thanked all the fans who keep his memory and legacy alive. “Forgetting is something that I never learned, except today that I miss you so much, I remember you as if it were yesterday that I enjoyed your smile for the last time”.

Valentín Elizalde was born on February 1, 1979 in Jitonhueca, state of Sonora, Mexico.

Jesus “El Flaco” Elizalde, another of Valentín’s brothers, shared with his followers a beautiful painting of “El Gallo de Oro” that he has in his home.

On a day like today, my brother was turning 43 years old, we remember him every day and even more today, congratulations to heaven.

As well as his brother Francisco, he thanked the public for not forgetting him, also thanking “friends and family who have been congratulating him from very early on, forever the winner.”

“El Gallo de Oro” was buried next to his father, in the Guasave cemetery, Sinaloa.

The daughters of Valentin Elizalde They have also published messages dedicated to their father. the young singer Valentina Elizalde (fruit of the love relationship that “El Gallo de Oro” had with Lily Aviles), posted an unpublished photograph with his father, memories that he treasures with all his soul.

Happy birthday 43 to heaven to the man of my life, I miss you more than ever.

Valentina Elizalde is the youngest daughter of Valentín.

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For your part Valeria Elizalde, daughter that the singer had with Blanca Vianey Duran, shared in the stories of his Instagram account, a photo of his childhood with one of the loves of his life: “happy birthday to heaven to my most beautiful angel”.

The singer Valentín Elizalde had three daughters: Gabriela, Valeria and Valentina.