“I told them I was going to Alaska”: how Kalimba kept the secret of “Apache” in Who is the mask

“I fell very much in love with Apache”, this is how Kalimba felt when the colorful character came into his life as part of his participation in Who is the mask?, where this Sunday, December 19, his identity was revealed when he was crowned the winner of the reality show from Televisa. The singer spoke with Infobae Mexico about his experience behind the scenes and the lessons he takes as a person.

“For me it was great when I saw it, I fell in love a lot with the costumes, they told me about the program and that I had to create a personality for that, it made me very cute, very funny. The second I put on the wardrobe I immediately became him. They were already recording me, taking photos, when I put it on I started to be playful, funny, loving, to know myself. I wanted to play, and that’s how we presented it on stage, “said the musician about the plumed raccoon, to whom he gave a Mohican Indian personality.

“I had the opportunity to polish it, and when I realized that the investigators were getting excited, an honest, daring character is really able to be who you are through a character,” added the showman 39 years old.

Audiences have watched Kalimba grow since he began his career in Kiddies, following his passage through the group La onda vaselina, then OV7, and his solo career, that is why the interpreter of Hitting bottom he wanted to “mislead” the public by presenting a novel character.

“At the time of introducing myself, from the beginning I didn’t have to introduce the artist they already know, I didn’t have to present what they already know about Kalimba. I detached myself from the artist, but I became more of the person, when thinking about the clues for the researchers, how I like to be with the public, that I enjoy with them when I am on stage ”, expressed the brother of the also singer M’Balia Marichal.

“Being able to stop with a mask actually does is unmask the person. It allowed all of us to decide who we want to be without anyone knowing who we are. If you realize that who you want to be is that the researchers and the public are falling in love, everything changes there ”.

Kalimba highlighted the technical difficulties of getting under Apache’s boot, because for him “it did have a complexity”: “It had claws, legs, that hindered movement a lot, I had a lot of hair, it got into me when I breathed and it got into my eyes. If your mask moved a little, you couldn’t see ”, he recalled.