“I want us to stay together,” Kanye West assures that he has not received any request for divorce from Kim Kardashian

“I want us to stay together,” Kanye West assures that he has not received any request for divorce from Kim Kardashian

Kanye West does not want to divorce Kim Kardashian but quite the opposite.

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Kanye west and Kim kardashian They have not stopped supporting each other despite splitting up several months ago. The rapper went to give all his support to his ex Kim kardashian when she presented the show ‘Saturday night Live‘a few weeks ago because, in theory, the celebrity had started the procedures to end her marriage last February, but it turns out that the rest of the world was wrong. Kanye West himself says that so far he has not received any divorce claim from Kim Kardashian and assured: “My children want their parents to stay together. I want us to stay together “

What’s more, Kanye west He added that for him it is no joke that breaking his family crosses his mind. On the contrary, he does not want to be the one to take sides in this situation and, if Your ex Kim Kardashian won’t file for divorce in court, neither will he. He just wants to stay with her and the beautiful family that they make with their children.

“Saturday Night Life” made my wife Kim kardashian said that he was divorcing me on television because they wanted to increase the audience numbers … AND I have not seen any paper, we are not even divorced“, He has assured in the program ‘Drink Champs’, he assured Kanye west.

Own Kanye west He blames the media pressure has been largely responsible for his marriage crisis because he has the impression that no one wanted them to continue together. As an example, he does not hesitate to mention his former friend Drake, who in his opinion implied that he had had sexual relations with Kim kardashian in his songs even if it was not true, and he did not hesitate to claim it in a group chat that also included Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Travis scott and Jay Z.

“I spoke to Drake and he told me that he had never slept with Kim kardashian, and I replied that the problem was that he had acted as if he had. Did he get in touch with her? The problem was everything else around the matter, it was not so much the fact itself, “he said. Kanye west.

Despite rumors that her ex Kim kardashian I could have turned the page with the comedian Pete davidson, with whom he starred in a sketch on ‘Saturday Night Life’ in which they both kissed, Kanye doesn’t lose hope that they can reconcile and he has spoken with his pastor about how they could rebuild their relationship.

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