I was drugged! Julia Fox admits to being high when she gave her controversial interview about Kim Kardashian’s ex

The things you’re finding out kim kardashian. The actress Julie Fox has become the new viral phenomenon of TikTok for the way he pronounced the title of his only film, ‘Uncut Gems’, during the conversation he had with the host of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. LThe platform has been filled with videos in which its users appear imitating their accent in a more or less exaggerated way and now she wanted to make it clear that she doesn’t really talk like that.

“OMG. She was high. Leave me alone”, has written in the comments section of an Instagram post that compiles all the parodies that have been recorded from that moment of the interview.

Actually, this new information helps to better understand why she responded so honestly to questions about her relationship with Kanye Westwho at that time was still her boyfriend, to reveal that she considered herself his new muse or that he insisted on choosing her clothes.

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