“I was very happy”: Marlene Favela opens her heart to talk about her marriage to George Seely

Marlene favela announced his separation from George seely, father of his daughter Bella, in June 2019, and although he has preferred to keep the reasons that led them to make this decision, he again opened this chapter of his life to ensure that during the time her marriage lasted she was very happy.

Throughout an interview with his dear friend and compadre, Jomari goyso, the star of ‘La Desalmada’ dismissed the series of rumors about their relationship, among which one of the reasons that would have led them to separate was assured was his infidelity.

Faced with the wave of rumors in which his ex was unfaithful and irresponsible, Marlene opened her heart to speak openly for the first time about how she was married to the father of her daughter, George seely.

“I was very happy when I met my daughter’s father, I was very happy with my daughter’s father, I had a very happy marriage.”

Marlene favela

During the interview, he assured that since he divorced the Australian businessman, his number one priority has been his little Bella, whom he has always kept in communication with her father and makes her feel loved and protected by both of them.

“When this is over I decide that my daughter is my highest priority. I have tried that their environment is as if we were not in different houses. I’ve tried to make her a happy girl may he have the love of his parents alike, that she has what she needs, equally ”, he explained.

Although the protagonist of ‘Wild Cat’ also made it clear that her daughter will always be her main priority, even above her, It is not closed to giving yourself a new chance in loveThat yes, clarifies that the man who comes to share his life will also have to accept and love his princess.

“I’m not closed, but my priority is my daughter. I’m not going to take my time or moments or anything, If the person who arrives accepts me with the complete package and not only accepts me, but loves my package, they will be welcome. Although a partner never hurts, I don’t need it and I’m not closed, if you arrive, welcome ”, he adds.

Up to now, Marlene favela He has made it clear that he maintains a good long-distance relationship with George Seely, since he currently resides in his native country, Australia, and a few weeks ago he announced that he will soon travel to Mexico to reunite with his daughter.

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