“I woke up with his cold body,” writes father accused of beating his teenage daughter to death in Chicago

Mia Maro’s body was discovered by her aunt, the alleged perpetrator is her father, Mohammed Almaru.


Tinley Park Police revealed the content of a letter written by Mohammed Almaru, to one of his sons, after allegedly murdering his daughter Mia Maro, in Chicago, which reveals what happened and what the man felt after committing the crime.

“I woke up with a cold body”, highlights the letter that Almaru wrote after allegedly murdering his daughter. The letter was sent in a photo and with a text message to one of her children, the court documents highlight.

Almaru confessed in the letter that he hit his daughter, since he believed that she was “hiding things” from him and that he had to “beat” the information out of her, since Mia did not tell him the whole truth.

He even admitted that he checked his daughter’s cell phone, where he found “things” that she had hidden from him, without specifying what it was.

Mohammed Almaru confessed that he beat his daughter

“I lost myBeza, I lost control and beat her up, and accidentally (…) I hit her in the head”Almaru wrote in the letter.

“I slept with her, she was unconscious and I woke up with her cold body,” The man, who was arrested and charged with the murder of his daughter, specified in the text.

And it is that during the investigations into the murder of Mia Maro, 17, the police found Mohammed Almaru’s letter and text messages from both the teenager and the aunts who can help clarify the crime.

Texts from Almaru’s sisters were also discovered, trying to locate Mia, days before she was murdered, since she did not make a commitment to take care of her mother, who is disabled.

Mia Maro was afraid that her father would hit her and kill her

Those messages were sent on April 26. Although the teenager did not arrive, she did send a message to her aunt Randa, telling her that she had been in an accident with her father’s car and she was afraid that her father would “hit and kill her.” ”.

Mia Maro’s body was discovered last Sunday by her aunt Randa Almaru, who went to the teenager’s house, after she did not respond to her messages sent days before.

When Randa arrives at Mia’s house, located in 7806 West 167th Street, in Tinley Park discovered the macabre scene, where the teenager was lying on the floor and covered with a blanket.

Next to her was Mohammed Almaru, who had one of his arms on the body of his daughter.

Randa Almaru immediately called the police, who went to the scene a few minutes later, finding the tragedy that had occurred.

Police investigate homicide death

Mia Maro was pronounced dead around 5:00 p.m. Sunday. The forensic doctor stressed that the teenager suffered various injuries caused by strong blows, so the death of the teenager was declared a homicide.

Mia’s father had self-inflicted wounds on his wrists and throat, in addition, he had ingested some pills in a suicide attempt, for which he was transferred to Christ Hospital.

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