Ice Cream Containers and Cereal Boxes Now Smaller: What’s Happening to Brands

Ice Cream Containers and Cereal Boxes Now Smaller: What’s Happening to Brands

Some family-size cereal boxes are now slightly smaller.

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If you have noticed that some products that you usually consume continuously seem to be smaller, you should know that it is very possible that you are not imagining it. And is that some companies are making their cereal boxes and ice cream containers smaller, which translates into less product for you, but not necessarily at a lower price.

This practice of companies is known as contraction, and it is a method by which brands and companies obtain the same profits, but giving a smaller amount of product.

This tactic is not exactly new, since companies have been doing it for decades, and although it seems that it is very unfair to consumers, companies generally carry it out only when their production costs increase and they find it necessary to compensate them. That is why it is normal for this to be done in times of inflation, such as the one we are in now.

Shrinkage is a widely used practice by manufacturers because typically customers do not realize that they have dwarfed a product. However, if companies decided to raise prices instead, then consumers would notice, which could reduce sales.

“Consumers are price conscious. They will notice if an orange juice manufacturer, for example, raises the selling price from $ 2.99 to $ 3.19. (But) if the manufacturer makes the orange juice box several ounces less in each box, they know that consumers may not get it. And that’s because consumers are not aware of net weight“Said Edgar Dworsky, consumer advocate at, as reported in Mashed.

For all the above, it is that the family-size cereal boxes of Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals are now slightly smaller.

In the same way, the Tillamook brand ice cream recently announced that its 56 ounce family size ice cream container has now been reduced to just 48 ounces. The company said it made this packaging adjustment to offset the increased costs of some of its ingredients.

These package contractions are also occurring in other non-edible products, such as toilet paper, so they can give less paper than they used to.

So be attentive to these product changes, so that in this way you can make a better purchase decision.

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