Identity of suspect in Buffalo, New York shooting confirmed as FBI investigates shooting as hate crime

Agents guard the area where the fatal shooting occurred.

Photo: John Normile/Getty Images

After a mass shooting took place in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where ten people died this Saturdaythe FBI is investigating the facts and classified the event as a hate crime.

Stephen Blodgett, FBI special agent in charge of the Buffalo field office, and Trini Ross, US attorney for the Western District of New York, told the Associated Press that the incident is being investigated as “hate crime” and one case of “racist-motivated extremist violence.”

A senior federal law enforcement official also identified the suspect as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron. The official told investigators they were reviewing a “manifesto” that the teen is suspected of posting online.

Investigators indicated that the suspect was a young white man, who at the time of the attack was dressed in military clothing, arriving with a high caliber rifle, a bulletproof vest and a black helmet.

The suspect’s target was a supermarket in a residential area located five kilometers north of New York City, whose population is predominantly African-American.

The authorities are analyzing whether the suspect is the author of the alleged manifesto shared on the internet, where his description and actions coincide with what happened this Saturday and defends the execution of a massacre in order to prevent the “replacement” of the white race by other races. In the alleged manifesto he denounces a “white genocide”.

During the attack, the suspect first shot several supermarket customers in the parking area, and then continued the slaughter inside the establishment, ending up leaving the premises.

“He was standing there in his military clothes and pointing his gun at his chin, as if he was going to blow his head off.a,” a witness identified as Braedyn Kaphart told the Buffalo News. “We didn’t know what was going on. He then fell to his knees, took off his helmet, dropped the gun and was tackled by police officers”.