“If I want to, I will fill your head with shots”, a teenager is threatened by the police and appears dead

Fanny, a 16-year-old teenager, was found dead in her home from the northern highlands of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, after receiving threats and harassment from the municipal agent Issac Hernández Guillén, for which activists ask that feminicide and not suicide be investigated, as intended.

“Look, it’s not going to be difficult for me to kill a bitch like you, if I want to, I fill your head with shots“, The agent of San Juan Cotzocón Mixe told Fanny, on July 13.

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The threat was recorded in the investigation folder, initiated by the Oaxaca General Prosecutor’s Office after Fanny’s complaint.

That day, the young woman was summoned to the municipal agency to deal with alleged breaches of public order.

The municipal agent accused Fanny and her partner of taking drugs and, although the young woman denied it, the official said he would kick her out of town and even slap her.

“Get out and let me tell you that I’m going to report you for selling drugsI’m going to have them put you in the juvenile hall, ”said the municipal agent, according to the complaint.

The activist Joaquín Galván, who accompanies Fanny’s family after her death, indicated that the young woman, who is the mother of a baby, was found dead early Sunday at her home.

He explained that the minor had been found hanging, but the first respondents were members of the Municipal Agency, who cleaned the place before the authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office arrived.

“What is being asked is that suicide not be established as a line, but rather that it be expanded to a line of investigation for femicide,” he said.

“It gives the impression that there was manipulation of the scene“.

Fanny’s family is fearful for their own safety, the activist added.

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