If you buy online, pay attention to this detail so as not to be a victim of fraud

For a long time now, he has had a great boom in Internet shopping, a habit that was exponentially increased by the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.

There are many advantages of buying online: the convenience that with just one click, what you want reaches your door, sometimes the costs are lower, as well as the great diversity of products from all over the world that you can find it on different platforms and online stores.

If you are one of those who usually shop online, There is a detail that you must pay close attention to if you do not want to be a victim of crime, of a terrible fraud.

All online stores send products to customers andn different types of packaging, whether they are bags, envelopes or boxes, which always have the buyer’s data on the outside (name, address, telephone, etc.) so that the delivery men can deliver the product.

The problem is that many times, we are so excited to already have in our hands what we buy and that, perhaps, we wait time to have it, discarding the packaging or box, without remembering that There is personal information there and when you throw it away, it could fall into the hands of thieves or fraudsters.

In a report issued by Noticieros Televisa, they showed a video in which you can see how 2 women approach a site where there are discarded parcel boxes from a home and reviewed them until they identified what, apparently, are the labels with the personal data, which they started and saved when they left the site.

With personal data lCriminals can commit the crime of identity theft, which is why they can falsify documents to make contracts, obtain financial credits and make purchases online.

Some criminals only need a name and address to commit fraud, but he also warned that throwing away a parcel box without deleting personal data could be even more dangerous.

“Let’s imagine that a criminal finds a box in excellent condition, reseals it and a few days later comes to your home, rings the bell, ‘hey here I bring you a product from this store’, you may be waiting for another package and you open it the door and you have a criminal in front of you, I hope he doesn’t assault you or we think of worse things like a kidnapping, ”said Wolfgang Erhardt, spokesman for the Credit Bureau in Mexico.

So the recommendation is to make sure to destroy the information sheet or packaging received before disposing of it in the trash.

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