Ignacia Michelson is criticized for “disfiguring” her face with surgeries

Mexico.- Although she may always be talking about her beauty and personality, this time the Chilean Ignacia Michelson, recognized for its participation in Acapulco Shore, is being harshly criticized for supposedly undergoing further surgeries.

After he published a photograph on Instagram in which an evident change in his face is supposedly noticed, Nacha was the target of criticism among his followers, who They accuse her of being completely disfigured.

Once again they talk about Ignacia’s plastic surgeries, who has never denied having undergone some to obtain the body and appearance of her dreams, this time they assure that she is becoming addicted to them and will end up like other famous ones that are they have disfigured the face.

In the photograph of Ignacia Michelson, she is seen posing in profile with a low-cut outfit, showing off voluminous lips, a turned-up nose, a refined jaw, striking cheekbones and skin free of any imperfections.

Ignacia Michelson is criticized for “disfiguring” her face with surgeries

“Put more nose”, “I think you should stop with the arrangements you do, it is already falling into the coarse and rough”, “You did something to your nose”, “There are too many operations, it seems that he is getting addicted” , “It will end deformed,” was read between comments.

Although many went with everything to Ignacia Michelson After her recent publication on Instagram, there were those who defended her tooth and nail and it is that despite the criticism, the influencer and television personality has many followers who encourage her to ignore all kinds of negative comments.

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