Ignacio López Tarso in love with Dolores del Río: “What a beautiful, finest, most delicate woman”

Ignacio Lopez Tarso (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The Mexican actor, Ignacio López Tarso, celebrated his 97th birthday last weekend. In the artistic world, he is one of the figures with the greatest trajectory and importance and, throughout his career, he shared the stage with actresses of the stature of Maria Felix and Dolores del Rio.

During an interview with the morning of Televisa, Today, Ignacio López Tarso confessed what it was like to share the screen with the beauty icons of the Mexican Golden Cinema.

I fell in love with all of them. Temporarily, right? while the theater season lasted, while the movie was on. With María Félix I made eight films, so I had her there,” he said.

Ignacio López Tarso with Infobae
Photos: Infobae Mexico (Photos: Infobae Mexico/)

Likewise, Nacho confessed to being “in love” with Dolores del Río and described her as the most elegant and beautiful woman he knew: “I invited Dolores del Río to the theater, we did a play with two characters and I had her for months with me, alone ”, he expressed.

“I was really in love with Dolores del Río. You don’t know what a beautiful, finest, most delicate, very cultured, very elegant, very delicate woman. Wonderful, wonderful Dolores”, he expressed with emotion.

As an anecdote, Ignacio narrated that behind the scenes of the play my dear liar he was about to see Dolores without any clothing on several occasions. However, he did not succeed.

Dolores del Rio
(Photo: Facebook/The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema)

according to the column scenarios from The Herald of Mexico dated 1966, López Tarso and Dolores del Río played the protagonists of the play My Dear Trickster in June of that year.

López Tarso played the playwright George Bernard Shaw and Dolores del Río played Estella Campbella. The staging is based on the exchange of correspondence written by Jerome Kilty and adapted for the stage by Lew Riley.

On the other hand, on January 15, López Tarso celebrated his 97th life anniversary and he celebrated in the company of his closest relatives, as he said during an interview with Televisa.

Ignacio Lopez Tarso (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Ignacio Lopez Tarso (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

It will be a very pleasant meal, with my three children, about 8 grandchildren and about 12.15 great-grandchildren, all small”, he commented in an interview that was broadcast on Friday during the program Today.

During this same meeting, the protagonist of the acclaimed Mexican film Macarius, extended a particular request to Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, whom he asked to pray so that he preserves his health and can turn 100 years old.

“I told you that, please, intervene before the mere, mere, to you who pay attention to you, you ask for something and nobody denies it, you ask me to reach 100, at least, right?“, He said. “Decreed”, replied the Guadalajara presenter. “200, my love”, continued the wife of Erik Rubín, followed by his partner.

Dolores del Rio (Getty Images)
Dolores del Rio (Getty Images)

Tarso even confessed that he plans to celebrate his centenary on stage, developing a staging of some classic author and receiving the love of the public.

“To do a great play, a Shakespeare, to do a Greek play, to do a classic Spanish play from the 11th century. That’s what I hope for 100 years, to return to the theater with a play and with the theater full, I’ll wait for you two in that performance”, he declared.

Instantly, both the drivers of Hoy wanted their words to be fulfilled and confirmed their attendance at the celebration: “What a jewel, love, it would be a gift”, replied Andrea Legarreta. “That’s how it’s going to be, there he’s going to have us, promised. We are going to smooch everything and kiss everything”, mentioned Galilea between laughs.


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