II Divo will return to Mexico with a concert in tribute to Carlos Marín

Il Divo will pay tribute to Carlos Marín, part of the group (Photo; File)

Il Divo will return to the Mexican stages after the unfortunate death of Carlos Marín, one of its singers. The musical group announced their return to National Auditorium with a special concert. Similarly, their dates in Guadalajara and Monterrey were rectified.

Through the official account of the organizer OCESA, it was reported that Il Divo will sing in the National Auditorium on May 11, 2022. The then quartet will have the support of Steven LaBriewho will help them cover Marin’s vocal lapses.

The concert will be emotional, since it was specified that it will be a night in tribute to Carlos Marinwho died due to complications from COVID-19. “Il Divo prepares with his Greatest Hits Tour to honor Carlos Marín and with the great successes of his history”, shared the concert promoter.

Il Divo
This is how the tribute to Marín was announced (Photo: Instagram/@ocesamx)

In their official Instagram space, Il Divo notified that they will undertake a whole tour in honor of its late member. During this world tour, Steven LaBrie will continue as part of the group. It should be noted that the vocalist added another nationality to the project, being American, but of Mexican descent.

OCESA, for its part, rectified its commitment to previously purchased tickets. Il Divo was originally going to perform in 2020, with a totally different tour. The group had not suffered the ravages of COVID-19 when they announced their tour Timeless Encorewhich would tour Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

All previously mentioned concerts received their new date. In The Pearl of Tapatia they will be next May 13 at the headquarters of the Telmex Auditorium. The now trio will travel to Monterrey to be present on may 14 in the vicinity of Citibanamex Auditorium.

Il Divo
Il Divo postponed his tour before Carlos’s death (Photo: Twitter/@ildivo)

Il Divo would visit the country in March 2020. Unfortunately for his fans, the pandemic closed all non-essential activities, including concerts. Since then, the group’s followers have been waiting for a resolution.

Previously purchased tickets remain valid and no changes will be necessary”, highlighted the entertainment company. After more than two years, Mexican listeners will be able to enjoy pieces like Come back to me Y Until my end.

For its part, the prices and locations available were reported on the TicketMaster ticket office website. At National Auditorium costs range from 416 up to almost 3 thousand pesos. These vary according to their proximity to the stage.

In the case of Montereythe range drops to 352 at 2,500 Mexican pesos. At Telmex Auditorium, tickets range from almost 400 pesos to 2 thousand 475. It should be noted that these figures may increase with the cost of service when buying them digitally.

Il Divo, a group that united several nationalities (Photo: File)
Il Divo, a group that united several nationalities (Photo: File)

it was sunday December 19, 2021 when the sensitive death of Carlos Marín was announced. The singer from Spain was a founding member of Il Divo. The musician fell ill with coronavirus, a condition that led him to induced comafrom which he could not recover.

“It is with great sadness that we let you know that our friend and partner Carlos Marín has passed away. His friends, family and fans will miss him. There will never be another voice or spirit like Carlos”, tweeted the multinational group.

Carlos Marin
Carlos Marín died in December 2021 (Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage) (Denise Truscello/)

Carlos spent his last days in a hospital. On December 8, he was admitted to Manchester Royal Medical Center in the United Kingdom. In that place, he was intubated and a coma was induced due to the critical situation.

Due to the then contagion, Il Divo postponed all their presentations for another year. However, Marín could not heal from the virus. At the end of his days he was accompanied by Geraldine Larosawho was his wife of 17 years, but had already been divorced for more than a decade.


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