Ikea launches new benefits for customers in the US with the Ikea Family program

IKEA USA announced that it is adding new benefits for customers subscribed to the IKEA Family programthe free loyalty club for shoppers who want to earn special brand rewards.

In addition to the existing IKEA Family benefits, new offer now includes 5% off eligible in-store purchases and special IKEA Family pricing on select delivery options online (restrictions apply).

“At IKEA, our ambition is always offer sustainable and quality home furnishings to our customers at an affordable pricesaid Javier Quiñones, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA USA.

“By enhancing our IKEA Family benefits, we can show more appreciation for our customers in a meaningful way with daily discounts as we inspire them to live a better everyday life at homeQuinones added.

The IKEA Family program was first introduced in Sweden in 1984 and launched in the US in 2011. The 5% discount benefit on eligible in-store purchases went into effect on September 1, 2022 and the delivery price benefit on the 12th of the same month.

These new benefits allow IKEA Family members to obtain more savings and are in addition to existing benefitssuch as special product offers, exclusive access to events and workshops, and a free hot drink (coffee or tea) at the IKEA restaurant with each visit.

“IKEA US has embarked on a journey to make the brand more accessible, affordable and sustainable. IKEA Family members have exclusive access to the IKEA Buy Back & Revell service, which launched in November 2021 at participating stores in the US,” the brand said in a statement.

IKEA also offers two financing options for customers: the IKEA Visa credit card, where cardholders can earn rewards on everyday purchases like gas, groceries and utilities; and the IKEA Projekt credit card, which allows customers to pay for larger purchases over longer periods of time.

Those interested in becoming members of the IKEA Family loyalty club can do so on the IKEA page.

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