Ill workers from Ómicron are not hospitalized in Chetumal

The leader of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) in the southern zone, Eloy Quintal Jiménez, affirmed that the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 it has only generated, among the workers, sick that they recover in their homes without needing to be hospitalized.

He stressed that tourism and commercial sectors have been where Business in this part of the entity they report a greater number of cases of contagions of COVID among your staff.

In this sense, he explained that in the tourism sector the incidence of contagion between the workers it is seven percent, while in the commercial sector it is barely two percent.

Eloy Quintal said that, although in all economic sectors, both private and governmental, at the moment they present in positive cases among their staff, these have not been serious so far, which is why they only remain in isolation in their homes .

The business representative stressed that, according to the information provided by the companies, it is that, although the number of cases in the workplace is not alarming, there is a large number of infections in the family nuclei.

They take preventive measures

They do not hospitalize sick Ómicron workers in Chetumal.

We have the measures that at some point have worked well for us, and some large companies, which handle a large number of people per day, are restricting the passage to complete families and only allow one person to purchase.

He added that, in addition to the restriction of capacity and the reinforcement of the protocols already established, work at home has been resumed to reduce the incidence of infections.

He considered that while the measures already known in this regard are respected, the advance of infections will stop and the Epidemiological Traffic Light will stabilize, with advances in the vaccination of the population being a preponderant factor.