Illegal fireworks left a hole in the roof of a Hispanic family’s home in Gardena on the night of July 4

Los Angeles residents set off illegal fireworks in their backyards.

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Illegal fireworks caused a hole in the roof of the residence of a Hispanic family in Gardena on the night of July 4.

The Rosales-Orellana family, owner of the house, said that They were celebrating the 4th of July in the backyard when suddenly there was an explosion..

“You are always excited to see the fireworks. You never expect something like this to happen in your house,” said Alex Rosales.

Alex’s mother, Blanca Orellana, he was the only person inside the residence at the time the explosion occurred. She said it felt like an earthquake.

Fireworks destroyed the bedroom of his daughter, who, luckily, was at work at the time.

“If my daughter had been in her bed, it would kill her,” Orellana said.

According to the report, The rocket hit the roof of the Hispanic family’s home at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday..

Orellana was with her children on the terrace of the house and a couple of minutes before the impact they went down, when the rocket hit.

A neighbor of the Hispanic family, Duane Thalley, mentioned that he was in his backyard when he heard the explosion.

“It went down like an intercontinental ballistic missile or something,” Thalley said.

A fire unit arrived moments after the incident and the family filed a report with the police.. The Rosales-Orellana mentioned that they want this situation to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal fireworks.

Fortunately, the insurance will cover the costs that the house of the Hispanic family requireswho will stay in a hotel while repairs are made to his home.

The Gardena Police Department is investigating the incident and looking for the person responsible for using the illegal fireworks that damaged the Hispanic family’s home.

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