“I’m alone, I haven’t eaten in days”: An old man’s heartbreaking call to the police for help

The old man called the local police for help. 2 agents arrived at his home and indeed found his refrigerator empty. Fortunately, they were able to help him not only by buying him food, but also by cooking and giving him some company.

No one, absolutely no one should feel lonelyage or abandonment, especially tothat people who have reached the third age and that throughout their lives, generally, they gave everything to help their families move forward, regardless of the sacrifices that this entailed.

That is why in recent days a post published on the Facebook page of the Livorno Police, in Italy, went viral, which attended to the call for help of an old man, who desperately asked for help, since he had not tasted food for several days.

The 86-year-old man identified himself as Alfredo Ianda. How could he called the emergency line of his locality to ask for his charity, since he lives alone, is incapacitated and has not eaten for several days.

“I’m alone, I haven’t eaten in days, I can’t stand up. Please help me”, was what the old man said in his phone call, so that just a few minutes later, a couple of policemen arrived Minutes later to receive theA distress call in which he told them: two agents from the General Directorate of Prevention and Public Rescue appeared at his apartment, confirming that the man was telling the truth and that his refrigerator was completely empty.

According to information released by the local newspaper Corriere Fioerentino, the old man is a widower, is retired and is in complete and total abandonment. The police officers went to a supermarket to supply it with food that would last for a couple of days; They cooked for him and kept him company for a while, waiting for him to finish lunch.

The medical services also came to Alfredo’s house to give him a general check-up and thus find out his state of health.

The old man’s story It soon went viral, and to your fortune, many people have taken an interest in your case and want to help you wholeheartedly.

“There have been dozens of phone calls from people offering their help for Alfredo. People who had made the purchase and wanted it to be delivered to the elderly and who therefore asked for our help. We have made the staff of the flyers available to pick up the purchases ”, they declared from the local police station.

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